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3 Family Central Ideas for an Outgrown Toy Room

3 Family Central Ideas for an Outgrown Toy Room

The little kids that once scattered toys all over your house are now teenagers and you are stuck with a bonus room that used to be the center of their world. What can you do with an outgrown toy room? Anything you want! Here are 3 great ideas for the space.

1. Multi-Use Room

What exactly is a multi-use room? Well, just what it sounds like: a room that serves multiple purposes in your home. It could serve as an office, craft room, guestroom and more. The key is to invest in pieces that serve a few purposes while all working together.

First, decide what the main purpose of the multi-use room will be. If the answer is guestroom that will sometime serve as an office, keep its main function in mind when choosing furniture.

For example, if your bedroom also acts as your workspace, your bedroom/office doesn’t have to resemble a cubicle. Consider incorporating soft furniture that’s functional for work but feels like it belongs in a bedroom. An accent chair can serve as a work space and a relaxation area of your room. Look for bedroom furniture with appealing colors and soft lines. The bedroom office will still be your workspace, but this will keep its comfortable, homey look and feel.

2. A Game Room

Turn that old toy room into a teenage haven with a game room. Invest in seating that inspires conversation and collaboration.

Sectional sofas are the perfect pieces of furniture to ensure a good look at the game board or the screen for video gaming. And you’ll need to consider a table and chairs as part of the design. Look to pub dining room sets to keep the atmosphere casual. Also, don’t forget about storage for those games! Accent pieces with cabinets and open shelves are perfect for game night.

3. Home Theater

The right home theater furniture makes movie night and watching the big game a one-of-a-kind experience. When you have a room that is primality used for watching a large screen, seating is paramount. Every seat in the home theater has to be “the best seat in the house.” You have to take into account comfort and view.

Just like with a game room, sectional sofas are great for this space, but so are recliners and a more conventional sofa and love seat.

Of course, a home theater is nothing without the main feature. The entertainment center. Depending on your needs, you may want to hang your TV on the wall and use a smaller TV stand underneath. Or you can opt for a more traditional entertainment center that has room for every entertainment device in your house. It can be a home for multiple consoles, streaming devices, smart home devices and more.

Take that old toy room and create a space that the whole family can enjoy together.