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4 New Sofa Trends for Your Living Room

4 New Sofa Trends for Your Living Room

When it comes to living room decor, one of the most important components is your sofa. It’s the first thing your eye is drawn to as you enter the room, and factors such as design, size, and comfort require several hours of consideration. You should focus your attention on a sofa style that will last. While some styles of couches, such as velvet, may be very popular at the moment, but there are some trends you should keep an eye on. At Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Lousiana, we’re here to help you explore four new sofa trends for your living room.

Reclining Sofa Sets
If you’re eager to head home after a long day of work, kick your feet up, and relax, then a reclining sofa set is for you. These sets come in two styles: power-activated and manual. Power-activated recliners plugin and allow you to recline with the press of a button, while manual reclining sets can recline with a lever. These sets are great for multiple recliners at once!

Barton Sofa Sets
Barton sofa sets offer a bright, sophisticated feel to any home. Some even offer reversible-back seat cushions for a seasonal change-up! These plush and attractive sets are sure to provide endless comfort for every moment.

Sectional Sofas
The modern sectional sofa can be versatile in several ways. A sectional sofa can fill a living room with a comfortable space to sit, relax, and socialize. Sectional sofas can fit five or more people, and they’re great to have for game nights or to watch movies with the family.

Sectionals are common in recreation rooms or living rooms, and they are normally large and comfortable. There are some that have more modern designs, while others have that comfy couch vibe.

Chaise Sofas
If you want something a little more on the sculptural side and have more room for multiple sofas in your living room, consider the chaise. Chaise sofas are gaining more and more traction nowadays, and they make an excellent addition to your living room as an accent piece or lounge.

Find Timeless Sofa Styles at Home Furniture Plus Bedding Serving East Texas and Louisiana

With these four sofa trends, you’ll have the most inviting living room to date. To explore our many sofa options, visit one of our eight locations across East Texas and Louisiana today.