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4 Tips to Create the Perfect Bathroom

4 Tips to Create the Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is often an afterthought for most homeowners, but it shouldn’t be. There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot bath or a steaming shower after a long day. The bathroom should be a place to unwind and renew your body. Here are 4 tips to create the perfect oasis.

1. Storage
Design a beautiful and functional shampoo niche. Don’t stick one of those little pre-made corner shelves in your shower. Inset it into the wall, or build it out with some unique tiles. Make it a design feature.

But don’t stop there.

Make sure your vanity has ample space for creams, lotions, and hair ties. If you have a pedestal sink, consider adding an accent cabinet to keep the counter top clutter free.

2. Open Shelving
Install some built-in storage above the countertop, over the commode, or on an empty wall. These open storage spaces will ensure towels or other items are always within reach!

They also allow you to display a few knick-knacks to give your bathroom a more personal feel.

3. Side Table
It may sound a bit extreme to include a side table next to the toilet, but once it’s there, you’ll never know how to live without it! Instead of placing reading material on the back of the toilet, the table helps to keep things neat and tidy. It also serves as a place to rest or charge your phone while in the shower.

4. Keep Colors Neutral
Keep the colors of your paint and countertop neutral and add pops of color with easily changeable accessories like the shower curtain or towels. You can also use these items to show a bit of character with interesting fabrics and patterns. For the harder-to-change options like paint, counters, tiles, and floor, stick to something neutral and classic.

Chances are your design choices in the bathroom will be with you for a while. Stick with things that make you calm and renew your spirt. Cut down on the clutter by choosing storage options that make your life easier.