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4 Dorm Room Furniture Tips for the Space Strapped Grad

4 Dorm Room Furniture Tips for the Space Strapped Grad

Moving day is fast approaching! It’s time to decide what comes along for the ride during your semester in the dorm. Space is limited, so you’ll have to be smart about your space and the furniture that occupies it. If you have a roommate, try to be mindful of the furniture you are bringing; keep things neutral and unobtrusive.

If you are lucky enough to have your own dorm room, the sky is the limit! Here are 4 tips that will help you save a bit of space while you enjoy dorm life.

  1. Multiple Uses

    This is a must for small dorm rooms. Your big pieces of furniture should serve at least two functions. Consider a futon for sitting instead of a chair or loveseat. That way, over-night guests have a space of their own. Also, a desk that can also serve as a dining area is a great dual purpose item. Just look for a sleek design with open sides for multiple chairs or stools. Also, shelves that can serve as an entertainment center are another option. Look for sturdy shelves that can hold a good size TV.

  2. Setup Zones

    Even though it may be a tight squeeze, try to separate your space into useful zones for studying, sleeping, and visiting. Consider creating a social nook with comfy pillows that can serve as chairs. Keep your desk area for work only, and try to get some actual sleep in your bed. Also, separating your areas with small rug can also help set up zones and add warmth to any room.

  3. Add Lamps

    Make use of floor and desk lamps instead of fluorescent lighting. Overhead fluorescent lighting is an eyesore, plus it can actually make your eyes sore! It’s known to cause headaches. Try to make the best use of natural light during the daytime and use floor and desk lamps in the evening.

  4. Make Use of Storage

    Floor space is severely limited in tiny dorm rooms often requiring creative storage solutions. You should absolutely invest in floor risers to maximize under-bed storage, that way you’ll have room for drawers underneath. You can also buy pieces like this Collins Bookcase that can serve as a place for the TV, books, and clothes or shoes that can remain hidden. If you have room for a nightstand, make sure it has storage space underneath.

Your dorm room has to function as your library, hangout space, dining room and bedroom all in one. Don’t neglect this space. You’ll be spending most of your time there throughout the semester. Take the time to find pieces that will make you feel at home and don’t add to the clutter of the small space.