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4 Ways the Right Mattress Can Change Your Life

4 Ways the Right Mattress Can Change Your Life
We spend a third of our lives in bed; a mattress matters to your overall health and well-being. However, in many homes, mattresses aren’t given nearly the thought and attention they deserve. You will spend more time on your mattress than your sofa, and chances are you spent weeks pondering over your sofa choice and just a few minutes settling on a mattress.

The right mattress can be life changing!

  1. Allergies

    If you find that your allergies seem worse at night or first thing in the morning, keep reading. Dust mites are a huge cause of most allergies. Those little mites love an old mattress, but there are ways to combat the problem.

    Memory foam and waterbeds are good options to keep dust mites at bay. Waterbeds aren’t as popular as they used to be, but foam mattresses are becoming much more popular. Serta iComfort is perfect for allergy sufferers. The memory foam cuts down on allergens while offering a good night’s rest

  2. Back Pain

    This is one of the most common reasons for replacing an old mattress. Old mattresses will gradually lose the ability to provide proper support. As the layers lose their compression and shape your body will no longer feel supported in the mattress. This typically manifests in the form of back aches and pains

    You need to look for a high-quality innerspring mattress. The more quality mattresses have stronger springs and will be individually wrapped. If the springs are individually wrapped, they contour better to your body and have less transfer of motion.

    Many innerspring mattresses also offer the added luxury of a pillow top, which can help relieve pressure points. The Englander King Size Laurel Pillow Top offers plush quilted layers with the support of an innerspring.

  3. Supporting Your Sleep Style

    Figure out what kind of sleeper you are to find the perfect mattress. Stomach sleepers, for example, need more support than back or side sleepers so their lower back doesn’t arch, which can cause pain. An innerspring mattress would work best.

    Side sleepers should avoid extra-firm mattresses since their bodies will unconsciously start rotating into a prone position in order to get sufficient support. A side sleeper may be more comfortable with a memory foam mattress.

    Back sleepers can get away with just about any mattress as long as it is high-quality and does not cause the back to lose its natural curves.

  4. Staying Cool

    Do you notice that you are sweating a lot at night? It may be your mattress. If you are prone to being hot, the old rule of thumb was to avoid memory foam. But times have changed. Many of the top-rated mattresses offer a mix of both springs, foam, and cooling gel. This Beautyrest features an advanced pocketed coil technology combined with multiple layers of advanced memory gel foams. It offers support, cooling action, and pressure relief. It is perfect for keeping your body cool and supported.

The right mattress will help you get a good night’s rest. Sleeping well means you can face the day and tackle new challenges head-on. Listen to your body, and choose the mattress that is right for you.