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4 Ways to Keep Your Dining Room Table Clear of Clutter

4 Ways to Keep Your Dining Room Table Clear of Clutter

For many homes, the dining room table becomes a catch-all. It’s typically the biggest working surface in the house and can easily become cluttered with bills, homework projects, work spreadsheets, and more. However, there are ways to spare your dining room table from the mess. Let’s look at four ways to keep your dining room table clear of clutter.

1. Add Storage to the Dining Room

Using your dining room as an office or homework space is easier and less obtrusive than it sounds. Choose accent pieces for the room that double as storage. You can house your bills, paper, and office clutter in drawers and cabinets, out of sight! Best of all, quality accent cabinets will not clash with the atmosphere of your dining room. Cabinets aren’t the only type of storage you can add to your dining room. A nice bench along the wall can also serve as a place to keep items out of the way.

2. Hide the Cords

A dining room that’s pulling double duty can easily become overwhelmed with cords: computer cords, phone chargers, lamp cords and more. Try storing your items with cords against the wall after you are finished working. Keep the items that must stay plugged in out of the walkways on top of console, cabinets, tables or shelves. That will go a long way in keeping the room neater and less of a tripping hazard.

3. Encourage Good Habits

It’s OK to spread out in the dining room to work, but make sure the mess is stowed away after the project is complete. Make this part of your work routine. Mirror the behavior for your children and let them know they are expected to clear homework items from the dining room table before dinner or bedtime.

4. Use the Table to Come Together

If you regularly eat together as a family, it will be second nature to keep the table free of clutter. Have your children make clearing the table and then setting the table for dinner part of your nightly dinner routine.

If your dining room table will have to serve multiple purposes, make sure you’ve chosen the right type. Softer wood tables could be ruined by constant writing, and high gloss finishes can easily be scratched. Protect your table with regular cleaning and by using the right cleaning supplies for the surface.