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5 Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Pool House

5 Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Pool House

It can be tempting to just grab a few pieces of discarded furniture, haul them over to the pool house, and call it a day. But, your pool house will quickly be a buzz with summer guests, so why not make it more inviting and relaxing? Just follow these quick and easy steps to make your pool house the cool new summer hang out.

1. Used is OK…BUT
Used furniture for your pool house is perfectly fine, but you should consider spending a little more on a few new pieces. If you use an old sofa, add a few new side tables. Or if your old lounger finds its way to the pool house, buy new lamps. Mix a bit of the “well loved” with “will be loved” furniture.

2. Game Tables
It’s likely your pool guests will need a break from the water at some point, so why not keep them out of the main house and in the pool house during down time? Add a gaming area with board games, cards, or even a ping pong table.

3. Small Space?
If space is limited, ditch the overly masculine and bulky furniture. Find slimmer pieces and opt for seating that has a dual purpose. Consider footstools that double as storage or a sofa that pulls out into a bed. Perhaps a daybed would be a better idea than a full sofa.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Rugs
Nothing will tie a place together and make it a bit cozier than a few well-placed rugs. For the pool house, make sure it’s a thinner rug that will quickly dry from wet footprints. Placing a few rugs in one room will help designate the living space, dining, and gaming area.

5. Use the Outdoors
Open things up a bit! If there’s a way to create an indoor/outdoor space, do it! Maybe your screened-in-porch can serve as the dining area. Make it the dining room by adding all the touches of an indoor dining room. Great lighting, shelves, greenery, and more will help transform a simple porch into an inviting room of the pool house!

Treat your pool house as an extension of your home. Don’t just throw a few pieces in a room and put your feet up. Spend a little extra time adding touches that will make your time there memorable.