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5 Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

5 Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved or are looking for a quick, little home pick-me-up, there are some interior design tricks that designers employ that you can easily use with minimal effort and cost.  Take a look at these clever design tips and see how they can inspire you!

1. Wall Colors

Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make the room feel larger. A smaller room has the tendency to seem cramped, but the large windows and light-colored walls reflect the natural light pouring in from the doors, making the room seem larger than it actually is. If you have a large room that you are hoping to make feel welcoming, darker colors will make a room feel smaller.

2. Mirrors Add Light

Mirrors can also be used to make a small space feel larger. For larger rooms, or any room with a more limited amount of natural light, mirrors placed directly across from the windows, will add instant light. Decorative mirrors can also be used in lieu of art to fill empty wall space. Large or small, mirrors add light and dimension to your living space.

3. Mix Patterns and Textures

Nothing adds a spark of interest to your design like something unexpected. Use your couch to make a statement! Choose a fabric or pattern that’s unique, and have it stand out. Or use a single chair to make an impact. For example, if your furniture is mostly gray, choose a chair that incorporates another color, like yellow. Or choose a gray chair in a different fabric than the rest of your furniture.

4. Add Life

Add plants to your living space. Add them to every room, small or large, few or many. Plants are an inexpensive means to accessorizing your space and adding color and texture.

5. Finishing Touches

Don’t forget lamps, rugs, hutches and cabinets, or sofa tables, and accent tables to help bring your space together. Furniture and paint are only the beginning. The true design happens as you create a space that is uniquely yours.

The most important element in design is you. What inspires you? Make sure your home is a true reflection of who you are.