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5 Must Have Summer Accents

5 Must Have Summer Accents
It’s time to bring the outdoors in! Summer means making your home cheerful, bright, and fun. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make a few quick changes. With a little ingenuity, you can brighten up your home in no time!
  1. Grassy Green

    Nothing says SUMMER like a bright green lawn! Try swapping out some of your colors with a bright green. Lampshades, vases, pictures, and pillows are a quick and easy way to add the perfect pop of summer color.

  2. Use Fruits

    Yes. you read that right! Try using some of your summer fruits to decorate. A vase full of bright lemons, a bowl full of fresh peaches, or a beautiful hanging of lush grapes! You can graze and amaze at the same time!

  3. Light Shelves

    Unique and light-colored shelving can brighten any corner of your room. Look for two-toned or even tricolor options.

  4. Mirrors

    Mirrors will always brighten a space and reflect that inviting summer light. Consider a few mirrors in one room and try grouping them together.

  5. Reading Nook

    Summer is the perfect time to relax with a good book! If you have an unused corner, consider a small reading nook. A new chair and small ottoman will work, or even a smattering of comfy throw pillows, and a reading lamp!

These accenting touches show off what makes summer the most freeing time of year! Embrace color, light, and relaxation!