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5 Ways to Makeover Your Girl’s Bedroom

5 Ways to Makeover Your Girl’s Bedroom
Your little girl is growing up! It’s time to create a space that she can call her own. It may be time to trade in the pastel pink for a more grown-up color pallet, and it’s probably time to focus on a room that will grow with her through the teen years. Before we get started, it’s essential to style this new bedroom with your child. Make them a part of the process. Let them know the do’s and don’ts for the new space and set a budget. Remember, this room could be with them for a while, so keep in mind the changing tastes of a teen.
  1. A Bed That Grows

    Adding storage to the bedroom is never a bad idea. Your girl probably has sports gear, clothes, and school supplies to stow. The Duncan Full bed will grow with her as well as add drawers to help keep her room uncluttered. A full bed is perfect for a growing child! It doesn’t overwhelm the room and will still look appropriate during the teen years.

  2. Study Space

    Although your 10-year-old may not be hitting the books nightly, those years are coming. Cultivate a creative space that can serve as an area for crafts now and a study space in the years to come. The Bolanburg desk has a large surface area to accommodate construction paper crafts now and a laptop in the future. It will also add a bit of grown-up flair to the space.

  3. Room for Guests

    No doubt there will be overnight guests in your future. Slumber parties are a rite of passage! The Trina Daybed can help ensure guests get a good night’s rest. It also cuts down on the amount of floor space a double bed requires. If you have limited space, this daybed is a must.

  4. Colors

    It may be tempting to cover the walls in pink or purple, but those colors may not age well as your girl starts to mature. Consider a neutral beige or white and showcase her favorite color in the bedding or easy-to-change curtains. You can also use an accent rug to add a pop of whimsy and color to the space. Just make sure these elements are easy to update as the years go by.

  5. Entertainment

    You may not want to put an entire entertainment center in your child’s room, and that’s OK. Nowadays their TV, gaming center, and study notes are usually on the same machine—a laptop. Make sure your girl’s computer is at arm’s length. Go for nightstands or accent pieces that have a large surface area, like the Hanna Nightstand or the Ecko Accent Cabinet. These also have the added bonus of storage drawers. This nightstand and accent cabinet can serve as a TV stand and gaming console as your child’s interests develop.

As long as you take the coming years into account, there really are no wrong choices. Your girl’s room should be her sanctuary. Keep things peaceful and calm and you’ll be on track.