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5 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

5 Ways to Organize Your Home Office
More and more people are working from home both part-time and full-time. As technology improves, the number of people working remotely is likely to increase year after year. But hunkering down in your living room recliner is not the most productive work environment. It’s important to set up a space that inspires!

Here are 5 ways to organize your home office.

1. Dedicate the Space

Most of us do not have the room for a dedicated office space. That means you have to claim a small corner of your house as a work space, and that’s ok! If you’re working in the guest bedroom, think about how often guests actually stay over. If you’re using the space as an office most often, embrace that function.

That could mean choosing a stylish futon over a bed. Or select a day bed that takes up less space. Start thinking about the room as your office that also works as a spare bedroom instead of the other way around.

2. Invest in Comfort

Invest in comfortable office furniture. You need to concentrate and brainstorm in your space. Choose a desk and chair that will allow you to sit comfortably. Also consider other furniture for your space, like a sofa or recliner. Sometimes you need to spread out for a project. You’re going to spend lots of time in your office, possibly eight or more hours per day. Invest in comfort for the sake of productivity and organization.

3. Eliminate Clutter from Your Personal Life

One of the dangers of having a home office is that the line between personal and professional can begin to blur. If you aren’t careful, your workspace could become cluttered with kids’ toys, the book you wanted to finish reading, and other personal items. Then there’s the clutter that simply builds up as part of your regular work effort.

Regular office cleaning is so important. It’s something you should plan to keep up with to ensure that ‘things’ don’t get in the way of you being productive.

4. Choose the Best Storage Options

You may need to store a variety of things within your office. If you don’t manage the furniture and supplies, you could end up with a mess. A simple filing cabinet or hutch could go a long way to avoiding a paper pile-up.

5. Add a Few Inspirational Touches

Inspiration can lead to productivity. While you don’t want your space cluttered with items from the rest of your home, that doesn’t mean you want to work in a barren space. Don’t let your home office become the room you dread. Add a rug that ties it all together, put pictures and paintings on the wall, and add pillows to your futon or chair. The point is to make it a room you want to spend time in!

Working from home can be rewarding and convenient, just don’t let work clutter derail your productivity. Keep things separate from your home life and as neat as possible. You’ll be checking things off your task list in no time!