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Accent décor plays an important role in the decoration of your home. It’s not enough simply to have four walls and some furniture: instead, you want to have access to pieces that help to bring each room to life.

At Home Furniture Plus Bedding, we have an amazing selection of accent pieces. No matter your style and no matter the room, we have the pieces that it will take to give it an entirely new look!

Styling and Profiling

Let’s start with accent chairs. These are fun and versatile additions to any room because they offer a perfect blend of color and style as well as function and sensibility.

If you have a room with traditional colors, we have comfortable office chairs in colors like light brown, gray, and black. These choices are stylish, without overwhelming the general aesthetic of your room.

However, we also have accent chairs that can add excitement and spicy personality to your décor. Bold patterns and vibrant splashes of color mean that you can give any room a transformation from “mild” to “wild” in the time it takes you to sit down!

Things Are Heating Up

There is more to accent décor than chairs, of course. If you want to take a room’s style to the next level while adding value and functionality, there’s no substitute for adding a fireplace.

Our fireplaces uphold our mission of blending form and function by serving as both a fireplace and a TV stand. This gives you the best of both worlds, as you can decide whether to watch your favorite programs or just enjoy the unforgettable ambiance of the fireplace.

If you want a truly classic look, we also sell lantern heaters. They are a great source of heat in the winter time, and they instantly make your home feel like something straight out of the Victorian age!

Accent Furniture for Display and Storage

Over the years, you have likely amassed a collection of sentimental items and small treasures: souvenirs from various travels, gifts from loved ones, and other trinkets that act as mementos. While some may find it sufficient to store these things in a box and leave them in the attic, there are those of us who would like our valuables displayed, to be reminded of good times on a regular basis. This is where the accent décor collection at Home Furniture Plus Bedding comes in.

Curios and Curiosities

Curios are items that you have curated for your own personal museum. They represent the experiences you have enjoyed and the awesome life that you have made the most of.

However, curios without dedicated storage can make a home look cluttered. Instead, you should put your beloved items inside one of our awesome curio cabinets!

At Home Furniture Plus Bedding, we have a great selection of curio cabinets in a variety of tasteful styles. All our cabinets are in earth tones that will blend in with almost any color palette. Furthermore, they offer your curios solid protection while also serving as a way to blend decoration and storage into one awesome option.

An Accent for Every Occasion

No two homes are alike, just as no two homeowners are alike. That’s why everyone deserves a home that is just as special and unique as their styles and personalities.

Accent furniture is your key to changing the look and feel of a room until it perfectly reflects who you are.

Accent Décor for Sale

When shopping for beautiful and functional accent furniture, look no further than Home Furniture Plus Bedding.

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