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Adjustable Bed Bases and Frames

Key Features and Benefits of a Universal Bed Frame
The Universal Bed Frame might be a no-frills piece of furniture but it surely is big on benefits. A universal frame can easily adjust to fit any size bed - from a twin size bed to a full size bed to a queen size bed and even a king size bed! This type of bed frame is perfect for a child's bed because it can change with needs of the child as their bed size grows.
The Mantua Universal Bed Frame is a durable and convenient bed frame that is available at all Home Furniture Plus Mattress Centers in Louisiana and Texas

Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

Is an Adjustable Bed right for you? What are the benefits of an Adjustable Bed?  Are Adjustable Beds expensive? Can I use my old mattress or do I need a new mattress? If you are considering an Adjustable Bed then you probably have a ton of questions.  The Home Furniture Plus Mattress Adjustable Bed Buying Guide is here to help you.  We will try to answer all your questions here and if you should have a question that is not addressed here please email us at [email protected] and we will get you the answer quickly.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

What is an Adjustable Bed?  An Adjustable Bed, also known as an Adjustable Bed Base or Adjustable Foundation, allows for sleeping at different angles that may reduce pressure points and reduce back pain, promote proper or improved circulation and offer personalized support and comfort. The Adjustable Bed Base has so many lifestyle benefits and features that it can truly make your bedroom a new place that will create new options for better sleeping, lounging, reading, TV or movie viewing and even working.


Other health benefits that our adjustable base customers have found are reduced snoring, reduced heartburn and reduced acid reflux.  An Adjustable Base may also improve Asthma and other breathing related issues.  By raising your legs with an Adjustable Bed Base, you may improve circulation throughout the body and by raising your head and legs you may reduce lower back pain. 

Tips for buying an Adjustable Bed

  • Make sure to CHOOSE YOUR MATTRESS prior to purchasing your adjustable base. Not all mattresses will work with an Adjustable Base. If you are not planning on making a new mattress purchase, be sure to verify that your current mattress is compatible with your new Adjustable Bed Base.
  • Make sure you understand your warranty, an adjustable base has a motor and other parts that properly functioning Adjustable Beds depend on to provide all features and benefits.
  • Make sure to discuss Delivery and Set Up with your Sales Associate. Adjustable bases are very heavy and some have complex assembly requirements that our Delivery and Set Up teams will be happy to take care of.

Features you may want with your Adjustable Bed:

Customizable Memory Positions
Wireless or Wired Remote Controls
USB Ports
Zero Gravity feature
Note: Not all features are included on all bases – Visit one of our Home Furniture Mattress Centers for details.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) When Buying An Adjustable Bed         

Can any mattress go on an Adjustable Base?

No, not all mattresses are compatible with an Adjustable Bed Base.  Memory Foam, Innerspring or Hybrid Mattresses offer many choices that are compatible with an Adjustable Bed.  If you prefer an Inner Spring Mattress, it is important to know that mattresses with a border wire are usually not compatible with an Adjustable Bed Base. Make sure you discuss with your Home Furniture Plus Mattress Sales Associate what type of mattress you plan on using with your Adjustable Bed.  


Can you put an Adjustable Bed on a bed frame?

The answer is generally “yes”. Most adjustable bases can fit inside most bed frames on its own legs.


Do you need a box spring with an Adjustable Bed?

Today, the no-flip and one-sided design of most mattresses usually provide all of the necessary components needed to eliminate the need of a box spring.  With most modern mattresses all you need is a hard, flat surface to set your mattress on.  An Adjustable Bed Base will provide a sturdy, durable foundation or support needed for most modern mattresses – just like a traditional box spring provided for mattresses that were designed prior to the new mattress technology of no-flip and one-sided designs available today.

How do Adjustable Beds work?

If you enjoy watching TV or movies, reading or working on a computer from the comfort of your bed, then an Adjustable Bed may be exactly what you need.  Or, if you have difficulty getting in or out of bed or struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, then you may want to consider an Adjustable Bed Base.

What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

There are many benefits credited to an Adjustable Bed.  Depending on your individual lifestyle or sleeping preferences or your health, you may find any of the following beneficial:

Improved sleep
Wake up feeling rested and refreshed
Enjoy reading, working or watching TV from the comfort of your bed
Enjoy therapeutic benefits of massage (option available on some Adjustable Bed Bases)
Get in and out of bed safely and independently
Avoid pressure spots by distributing your weight evenly
Reduce snoring
Reduce acid reflux and heartburn
Increase proper circulation

Home Furniture Plus Mattress Center has a great selection of Adjustable Beds.  Shop any of our 8 Mattress Center locations in Baton Rouge LA, Lafayette LA, New Iberia LA, Lake Charles LA, Nederland TX and Beaumont TX.