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Advantages of a Leather Sofa

Advantages of a Leather Sofa

If you are thinking about adding a leather sofa to your living room, you have come to the right place! Not only does Home Furniture Plus Bedding have a wide selection of
Leather Sofas to choose from, but we can also provide you with a few advantages to opening a leather sofa to make the choice a bit easier!

Durable & Easy to Clean

Leather has always been regarded as a valuable material for its durability. Quality leather sofas, like the ones sold here at Home Furniture Plus Bedding, undergo stringent modern tanning processes that make them resistant to cracking, sagging, or peeling. This allows them to last longer than conventional fabric sofas. In addition, leather is a flexible and strong material, making it resistant to tears and punctures. Castlery leather sofas and armchairs are made of either full-grain or top-grain leather, so they are not only durable but also age well. Leather sofas are resistant to stains and spills. No more spill scares! This winning quality makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, especially for families with young children.

Prolonged Comfort

Leather sofas have unique natural fibers that allow them to retain its shape and appearance for a long time without looking worn. Instead, it becomes supple and soft, remaining comfortable with frequent use. The breathability of genuine leather also allows both heat and cold to dissipate quickly, hence leather couches easily adapt to the temperature of the room they’re in.


For those who get allergies easily, you’ll be glad to know that leather sofas do not harbor dust mites or pet fur! Leather also repels dust, so it’s easy to keep it spick and span. This is why leather couches are so popular among those sensitive to common allergens.

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If you’re convinced that a leather sofa is for you, stop into any of our showrooms and seek out the assistance of any of our furniture experts to aid you in your quest for the perfect piece! Contact us with any questions you may have. We are eagerly awaiting your call!