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Apartment-Friendly Furniture

Apartment-Friendly Furniture

When it comes to furnishing an apartment, size and organization is key. While you might be limited on space, you don’t have to be restricted when it comes to style. These multi-functional pieces are perfect for an apartment of any size and can make it feel like home.

Although you might not have enough books to fill up its entirety, a bookcase has the advantage of height making it a great place for storage in an apartment. If you want to use it as a more decorative piece, place your books, photos, and a few accent pieces on the shelves. If you need it to function more for storage, grab a few matching baskets and place clothes, electronics, or even office supplies. This way the clutter will be out of sight, but you’ll have your belongings in a proper place.

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, chances are having overnight guests can be a little tricky. Neither of you particularly desires to sleep on the floor or a couch, so what’s a good solution? Daybeds and sleeper sofas are a great way to accommodate occasional overnight guests while not impeding on your day-to-day living. Down the road, these are great options to put in a spare bedroom or an office for multifunctional use.

Multiuse Storage
Having pieces in your apartment that have multiple purposes is key. A coffee table that has a lift top allows you to have a place for magazines and remotes on top while storing puzzles and DVDs below. A storage ottoman doesn’t just provide a place to prop your feet. It can also store blankets and other items while even providing additional seating for guests.

Pub-Style Dining
Having an eight-seating long dining room table in your apartment might not be realistic. With bar-height dining sets, you have option of setting up in the corner while still having ample space for other activities. To add some additional seating, add bench seating for study groups or a friendly dinner party.

Using the right pieces in the right places is important for apartment living. Make sure your space feels nice and cozy without feeling overly crowded or cramped.

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