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Avoid These 4 Furniture Shopping Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Furniture Shopping Mistakes

Furniture is an investment in your style and comfort. Big purchases shouldn’t be made on a whim; impulse buying furniture can be a major mistake. There’s a lot to consider, from your style to your price points. However, it doesn’t have to be a scary process. Furniture shopping can, and should be, fun! Here are 4 major mistakes to avoid when going furniture shopping.

  1. Not Testing it Out

    Look, you are going to be spending a lot of time on this furniture. Even something as simple as an office chair could ruin your day if you don’t love it. You can, and should, test out the furniture you are planning to buy. Sit on it, lay on it, stretch out and see how it feels. If you have your eye on a tufted back couch but like the comfy feeling of a sofa with a pillow back, be sure to test them both before making a decision.

  2. Not Knowing Its Use

    How will you be using the furniture day in and day out? For example, if you are shopping for a formal dining room set, you know that your family may not be sitting down to dinner there every day. If you have a breakfast nook or eat-in island, your formal dining room will probably be used on special occasions. Making that realization upfront can make your decision easier. Maybe you can go with a more high-end table due to the lack of potential wear and tear.

  3. Not Measuring

    Catalog photos and even showroom setups can be a bit deceiving. You need to make sure you have an accurate depiction of the space your furniture will occupy and also understand how it will get there. For example, a reclining sofa may not have legs that detach from the bottom to fit through a narrow door frame. Before buying, use painter’s tape to block out where the piece will go in the room and take measurements of all the doors and stairwells it will take on its journey to and inside of your home.

  4. Not Sticking to Your Budget

    Go into the process with a full grasp of your budget. Know how you will pay for the furniture before heading to the store. There are lots of financing options to consider from lay-away to credit. Research your options and decide which is best for you before going to make your purchase. You may decide paying cash is your best option and want to save a few more weeks. Or if you decide to finance through the store, you will probably want to check your credit report before applying. Understanding your budget and financial situation beforehand will help you avoid any surprises after you fall in love with your furniture.

If you avoid these 4 things before going to buy furniture, the process will seem a lot less intimidating. There are also other things to consider like style, color, and fabric, but those tend to fall into place after asking yourself about the function and budget of the furniture.