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Barry Charles - Employee Spotlight May 2023

Barry Charles - Employee Spotlight May 2023

Barry Charles
Recycling Department - Distribution Center - Lafayette, LA 

Barry Charles began his career with Home Furniture Plus Bedding in 2018 at our Distribution Center in Lafayette, LA. He facilitates our auger machine along with the recycling of materials. Barry makes sure that all of these recycled materials are separated and stored accordingly in their respective trailers which are routinely scheduled to be picked up and properly disposed of. Prior to joining our team, Barry worked at WalMart for 13 years.

What do you like best about your job? 

When asked what he likes best about his job Barry said,My job is pretty fun! I enjoy it! I also enjoy helping others whenever and however they need it. There’s good insurance and benefits here at Home Furniture, and the free hams are amazing!”

 Carleen Melancon, Co-Distribution Center Manager adds:

“Barry has been with Home Furniture since 2018 working in our recycling department. His responsibilities are processing styrofoam, cardboard, plastics, and running the Auger machine. Having a great attitude and taking the time to do a good job, going above and beyond, and being a team player explains Barry’s work ethic. Not only does Barry go above and beyond getting his job done in his area but he will also take it upon himself to help in other departments that need it. Barry is always at work on time and has perfect attendance as well! It is a pleasure having Barry as part of our team at Home Furniture!” 

When Barry is not at work: 

When asked what he likes to do when not at work, Barry says, “I love video gaming! That’s my passion! I love the games that have stories to them. I also like cleaning my vehicles, working with tools, and with any kind of machinery! I’m also fascinated with electric cars!”

The ONE thing most co-workers may not know is:

“That I’ve met a lot of rapper celebrities, not only here in Lafayette, but a lot of them in Houston, Atlanta, and in Florida! My brother is a DJ here in Lafayette for Q95.5 and he has many connections with these artists, and that’s how I get to meet them and even see some of their mansions with their collections of nice cars!”

 Advice for anyone wishing to join our Home Furniture Team:

When asked what advice he would give to anyone wishing to join the Home Furniture team Barry replied, Stay clean and sober! Always be presentable and be willing to learn. Take your time and always represent your company well!”

Born in Lafayette, LA, Barry resides in his hometown with his girlfriend Brandy.