Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis with the addition of a new bedroom set. Adding a new bed framedresser and nightstands can change the flow and function of your room, giving you better energy and promoting better sleep. With a new mattress that incorporates the latest innovations in healthy sleep, you can get the rest you deserve each night. A new bed can be the key to better sleep habits, which promote good health and improve your daily life in many ways. Not only will you feel better each morning as you get up, but you'll also have more energy and better mental clarity when you get better rest.


Bedroom sets can incorporate hidden storage to help you keep the area tidy and free of clutter while keeping the items you need conveniently at hand. With plenty of open space to store your clothes and other important items, it's easy to manage your wardrobe and keep your bedroom pristine. A tidy bedroom where you can find everything you need can be a calming space that allows you to focus and connect with your partner. Even if your master bedroom is well set up and organized, putting a new bedroom set in your child's room or guest room can help to promote tidiness and calm in these areas. This helps the whole home have better energy and run smoothly as everyone can find what they need without having to panic.


Home Furniture Plus Bedding has bedroom sets in the latest designs and high-quality wood finishes, including oak, maple, teak, and mahogany. Visit a furniture and mattress showroom near you today to see these bedroom sets in person, or check out our inventory online from the comfort of your own home.

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Jaymes Bedroom Set - Brown

Jaymes Bedroom Set by Crownmark. Dark Brown Finish. Transitional Style. Footboard Storage.

Passages Bedroom Set - White

Passages Bedroom Set by Standard. Classical Elements. Distressed White Finish.

Tulsa Bedroom Set - Light Brown

Tulsa Bedroom Set by Avalon. Light Brown Finish. Traditional Style. Extensive Carving Details.

Stanley Bedroom Set - White

Stanley Bedroom Set. Leather Like Headboard. Antique White Finish. Old World Flair.

Ackerson Bedroom Set - Gray

Ackerson Bedroom Set by Crown Mark. Distressed Gray Finish. Transitional Style.

Brashland Bedroom Set - White

Brashland Bedroom Set by Ashley. Solid Wood. White Rub Finish. Queen Bed, Dresser and Nightstand.

Amarillo Bedroom Set - Dark Brown

Amarillo Bedroom Set by Rustic Imports. Solid Wood Construction. Dark Brown Finish. Wrought Iron Hardware.

Cheyenne Bedroom Set - Dark Brown

Cheyenne Bedroom Set by Lifestyle. Dark Brown Finish. Rustic Design. Bookcase Headboard.

Jasper Bedroom Set - White

Jasper Bedroom Set by Vintage. Rustic White Finish. Solid Wood Construction. Upholstered Headboard.

Warner Bedroom Set - Brown

Warner Bedroom Set by Elements. Farmhouse Style. Rustic Chestnut Brown Finish.

Amarillo Bedroom Set - Brown

Amarillo Bedroom Set by Rustic Imports. Solid Wood. Natural Brown Finish.

Emily Bedroom Set - Gray

Emily Bedroom Set by Crown Mark. Storage Bed. Dark Gray Finish. Casual Style.

Emily Bedroom Set - Brown

Emily Bedroom Set by Crown Mark. Storage Bed. Dark Brown Cherry Finish. Casual Style.

Keystone Bedroom Set - White

Keystone Bedroom Set by Avalon. Distressed Whitewash Finish. Storage Footboard. Upholstered Headboard.

Stevenson Manor Bedroom Set - White

Stevenson Manor Bedroom Set by Standard. Relaxed Vintage Style. Antique White Finish. Ornate Molding.

Hanna Bedroom Set - White

Hanna Bedroom Set by Lifestyle. White Distressed Finish. Brown Barnwood Tops. Felt Lined Top Drawers.

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