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Best Beds and Mattresses for College Students

Best Beds and Mattresses for College Students

If you’re a college student in the market for a new mattress, the task may seem as simple as testing out a few at a local mattress store. However, once you start researching the best mattress for you, you’ll soon realize just how many factors there are to consider, and Home Furniture Plus Bedding and Mattress Center has an answer to all of your concerns! 

Dorm Living

If you are living in a dorm, your best option is to get yourself a twin XL mattress. It will save space while giving you the length that you need for a good night's sleep. Home Furniture Plus Bedding and Mattress Center has a wide assortment of twin xl mattresses for you to choose from! Whether it’s a Purple mattress, a Nectar mattress, a Sealy mattress, or any of our other name-brand mattresses, we are confident that we have the perfect twin xl mattress to get you through the year!

Dorms are notorious for not having the best air conditioning units. It is hard to get the sleep that is essential to your academic success when you are sweating all night. Home Furniture Plus Bedding also offers cooling pillows that will keep your temperature regulated to help get you through the night. 

Apartment Living

If you are a college student living in an apartment, you tend to have a bit more space. Home Furniture offers a wide inventory of daybeds for you to choose from. If you want to make a small space, like an off-campus apartment, serve multiple functions, you might benefit from a daybed that easily transitions into a couch to save space when not functioning as a bed. 

If you are looking for a mattress that offers a painless delivery, consider a Purple mattress that gets delivered to your doorstep in a box. Remove the stress of carrying a massive mattress up a flight of stairs and getting it through doorways and try out a mattress in a box! 

Mattress Options for College Students Available at Home Furniture Plus Bedding 

Don’t put the pressure of choosing the sleeping arrangement directly onto your shoulders. Let us help! Stop into any of our 8 Mattress Center locations across East Texas and Louisiana, or contact us with any questions you may have about bedding for college students.