Decorating Challenges

Not every home has perfect room sizes or shapes.  Sometimes doors or windows are in less-than-ideal spots.  This can make it harder to place your furniture or make decorating more challenging.  I’m highlighting five common problems in decorating challenges and showing how to overcome them.
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Asymmetrical room with offset window (or door/or fireplace/or built-ins/etc.)

This room has perfect asymmetrical balance.  The sofa is centered on the wall, and the cocktail table is centered on the sofa.  This anchors the furniture in the room.  Because the room cannot be symmetrically balanced, the designer chose to take asymmetry to the max.  By creating a collage of pictures to balance the large window, the eye has to go all over the room and not try to focus just on the center.  The different chairs and tables on each side of the room, in different fabrics, adds to this.  One key ingredient is that the walls, sofa, cocktail table, and rug are all neutral. Not everyone can “handle” this kind of design, but it is definitely fun, friendly, and lively.  Like the sofa pictured? Take a look at our Kieran sofa here  or our Trinidad sofa here.

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Narrow rooms

How do you maximize seating when you have a narrow room?  This is a great illustration.  Not only is there plenty of seating, but you have tables to boot!  Narrow, L-shaped sectionals solve many problems when you need more seating.  The add-on porch sports a natural color palette that blends with the outdoors and isn’t dark despite the deeper chocolate paint.  Lightweight (visually) tables give you all the surfaces you need for lamps, drinks, and books.  Take a look at Home Furniture’s sectionals here.

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Tight kitchen

To make your kitchen (or any other room) look and feel more expansive, use similar values of a color using various materials.  A light-to-medium value of a neutral (brown or gray) tends to be most pleasing, however, the “new neutrals”, basically pastel colors such as blue, green, peach, and pink, are becoming a trendy alternative.  In this kitchen warm, brown neutrals blend together and make the room feel larger than it is.  The materials are interesting with a metallic tile backsplash, cream paint, limestone shelving and countertops, and one-of-a kind wood stools.  If you like this look, try our Woodland dining group here or Frontier dining group here.

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Highlighting a beautiful view

Smaller, openwork furniture keeps from blocking a beautiful view.  In this room the table is also white which blends it in with the wall trim.  You have to be careful that the whole room is not comprised of doll-sized or very light-weight furniture if the ceiling is vaulted.  Remember, you’re just trying to minimize blocking the view.  Try the Vintage table and Vintage chairs in three colors, found here.

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Maximize the size of the beds

The easiest solution is by using only one nightstand between the beds.  In most cases, you can upsize from a twin to a full or a full to queen.  If you have a little extra room, try a small chest or dresser instead of a nightstand.  Think about your lighting.  If you can mount task lighting for each bed on the wall, you can forgo the lamp on the middle chest and have a tall chest between the beds.  Take a look at our collection of nightstands here and chests here.