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Choosing the Right Furniture Pieces for Your Crafting Space

Choosing the Right Furniture Pieces for Your Crafting Space
If you noticed that the crafts in your life have started to take over your house, it might be time for a dedicated crafting space. A dedicated space will help keep you organized, keep the rest of your house decluttered, and keep small objects and hot glue away from little hands that could get hurt.
  • The Space

    Choose a space that gives you plenty of room to spread out. Maybe the other side of your home office? Or the spare bedroom? It’s easy to create a multi-use room if you have the right pieces of furniture. If you have a spare bedroom, consider adding a daybed to make the room appear more multi-functional without crowding floor space. Bedrooms are ideal for craft rooms because they come with closets for extra storage!

  • Reimagine

    The key to choosing the right furniture pieces for your crafting space is to reimagine their use. Don’t go for plastic tables with flimsy bins. Choose sturdy furniture that will help your crafting space blend in with the rest of your home. Just because the Amarillo Door Chest is “meant” for the bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t store crafts! Choosing bedroom furniture is ideal because your craft room will most likely have to serve as a guestroom from time to time. Making smart choices will make your overnight guest feel more at home.

  • The Table

    Don’t just look to work benches; your crafting space should have a nice, sturdy table with lots of storage. It should also be taller than the average table. If you are sharing your crafting space with another room, it doesn’t hurt to have a table that looks great as well. Here’s a tip: try dining room tables such as the Messina Pub Table. It’s tall, stylish, and has lots of storage. It won’t scream “crafts” like a table with plastic storage drawers. It’s perfect for a multi-use space!

  • The Storage

    It’s perfectly fine to head over to the dollar store and buy plastic bins to store your crafts. They are cheap, functional, and will not break the bank. But where will you store those plastic bins? How will you organize the chaos? That’s where high-quality shelving comes in. While the bins themselves can be on the cheaper side, you should splurge on sturdy shelves to manage your storage.

    The Scrimshaw Accent Cabinet is great for hiding away unsightly plastic bins. It will help keep your craft space neat and tidy while keeping your bins at arm’s reach. Dresser or Chest of Drawers is great for smaller items like beads and fabric scraps.

Plus, these items look great in a guest bedroom! When your crafting space must serve another function, these items will look uncluttered and clean.