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Timeless Trappings: Classic Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

Timeless Trappings: Classic Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

Ever walk into a home and instantly know that sofa is from 1992, back when plaid and hunter green was all the fad? Yep, it’s best to update a home’s look every now and then and have a few staple elements that never go out of style.


Here are a few ideas for signature pieces that will stand the test of time.

Wingback Chair

These are classic and comfy chairs that will flow with any décor. They can grace farmhouse, modern, and vintage styles and never clash with the current decade. If properly maintained, these chairs become heirloom pieces that can be passed down through the decades.

Shaker Style Dresser 
Shaker furniture always seems to find it’s way back to the homes and hearts of rooms across the country. The simple design and limited ornamentation mean these deceptively plain pieces will never go out of fashion. Remember, they aren’t just for the bedroom. A shaker style dresser can compliment a living room, game room or bathroom.

Chaise LoungeWhether it’s a stand-alone chaise lounge or one that’s part of a sectional sofa, these beauties pair function, and fashion. They are versatile and can easily go into a living room, office or bedroom. Sometimes the fabric may need to be updated, but the style of the chaise is timeless.

Bentwood Dining ChairsBentwood chairs are strong, lightweight, and have been used in homes since the 1850s. They complement any dining area from classic to contemporary. A bentwood chair also makes a nice accent chair or corner seating option.

Chesterfield Couch
This classic design has been in vogue since the 1700s. It’s comfortable, stylish, and comes in a variety of fabrics. This sofa style would be at home anywhere from a rustic cabin to an ornate living room or modern office. These are usually passed down through families and recovered to update the look of the upholstery.

Tulip Table
You may not recognize the name, but the style has been around for decades. A tulip table eliminates the legs of a table and balances the top on one single base. These tables are perfect for breakfast nooks, where chair space might be limited.

Tufted Headboard
These wonderful headboards never seem to age. They often come separate from the bed frame and can be used over and over again with various décor themes. They blend effortlessly from farmhouse to modern and can be passed down over the years.

When choosing your furniture, try to incorporate at least one classically designed piece that can be a mainstay for years to come. Keep your trendy touches to more easily changed aspects, like side tables, lamps, and rugs.