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Contemporary Furniture Features Simple Elements

Contemporary Furniture Features Simple Elements

A contemporary-styled home features clean, light, and functional furniture. Contemporary style is often defined by clean lines, a casual atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors, and elements and materials inspired by nature. The look hasn’t lost its focus or popularity over the years. Contemporary designs are some of the most sought-after in furniture décor.

While some people like to blend styles, others prefer a home that follows a theme. Whichever your preference, contemporary offers a lot of choices for functional and easy-to-live-with furniture.

  • Low Profile

    If you have an eye for contemporary furniture, you’ve likely noticed that most of it is rather low-profile. That means it typically sits close to the ground. Low-profile sofas, chairs, and loveseats instantly seem part of the contemporary design. A good example is the Perth sofa. Make sure the function of the design fits with your lifestyle. If you are sharing the space with someone who has mobility problems, the low-profile nature could create problems.

  • Mixed Material

    Furniture will take a contemporary feel with mixed material, like metal and wood. Sometimes the metal can be in the form of a chair or sofa frame; other times it could be along the arms or feet of the chair. Metal mixed with wood and fabric is quintessentially casual and contemporary.

  • Sleek

    Bulky cabin furniture will instantly feel out of place in a contemporary home. Look for sleek pieces. Lines can be rounded or sharp depending on the design. Look at the Marshall Bedroom Chest: it is sleek and not ostentatious. It keeps a low profile while being useful in the space.

  • Glass Table Tops

    Glass table tops are the perfect complement to a contemporary home. They are easy to clean, sleek, and blend in effortlessly with the world around them. Glass can be mixed with metal or wood and be as large as a dining room table or as small as a side table. A great suggestion is a glass top coffee table that mixed several elements. Once again, just make sure the glass fits your lifestyle. While easy to clean, it’s not so easy on toddlers and small children. The edges are hard and might leave a bruise or two on wobbly walkers. There are several options here.

  • Wood

    Wood plays an important role in contemporary design. It can have a new look or be aged or can be mixed between the two. Wood can be present in the frame of a sofa or chair, or it can be the entirety of your coffee table or entertainment center. Light wood, when mixed with other elements like glass or metal, can make the ultimate contemporary dining room table or side table.