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Designing a Contemporary Master Bedroom

Designing a Contemporary Master Bedroom

Your style is a little more modern than most. You like straight lines and sleek pieces that look clean and concise. You are drawn to contemporary furniture and are hoping to bring the look to your master bedroom. We have some tips to keep your style on point!

Contemporary furniture refers to furniture styles that came about after the 19th century. These pieces tend to utilize lighter wood tones, brighter fabrics, and newer materials. A contemporary-styled master bedroom features a focus on clean, light, and functional furniture. Steer clear of anything bulky and look for eye-catching simplicity.


Bedroom Sets

A wonderful example of a contemporary style is the Harlington Bedroom Set. The lines are straight, the furniture is light, and the wood is the star. The two-tone feature of the wood is an art piece all its own. It does not need frills to be noticed because the furniture is minimal yet eye-catching. It’s the perfect statement for a contemporary master bedroom. The Ashville Bedroom Set is another great example with a slightly different feel. The gray wood is muted, and the lines are crisp. The low profile of the bed really lets the headboard stand out.


Accent Furniture

If you already have the perfect bed in mind, you may want to focus on your accent pieces. The perfect contemporary accent piece is low profile, understated, and functional. Focus on pieces that fit effortlessly into the room without overwhelming the space. The Emily Chest uses the curve of the wood as a focal point. Notice how the drawer knobs are plain, yet still stand out against the dark wood. The piece makes a statement without being garish.

For your dresser, avoid anything with embellished curves. The Warner Dresser makes great use of a square mirror and understated drawers. It has lots of functional space without the excess of extra doors and panels. Here’s another option: a Russell Dresser with beautiful light wood. Lighter wood works beautifully with contemporary design.

Nightstands should be sturdy but not appear bulky. Look for pieces with a larger surface area that still appear to be minimal in design. The Marshall Nightstand offers drawers and a great surface area but still remains sleek and minimal.


Sitting Area

If your master bedroom has the space, a sitting area is a wonderful addition. Look for low-profile pieces that match the contemporary lines of your bedroom set. Solid colors and few embellishments will always flow best. The Augusta Accent chair would complement any contemporary bedroom. Pair it with a low-profile loveseat and area rug for a pulled-together look.

Choose artwork that mirrors your furniture, but go bold with the colors. Look for clean lines, solid colors, and unique nature settings.

 Just remember, contemporary style favors light over dark, solid over busy, and function over frills.