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Create a Calming Space with Cool Colors in Your Bedroom

Create a Calming Space with Cool Colors in Your Bedroom

Filling your bedroom with calming colors will make your time spent before bed incredibly relaxing. Calming colors tend to fall on the cool end of the color spectrum. Cool colors are versions of greens, purples, and blues. They can be combined and blended for the perfect color palette. 

There are many advantages to decorating with these tones. These colors have been known to slow breathing rates, relax muscles, lower blood pressure, and body temperature, and make you feel more relaxed overall.

You Can Start Small

Including calming colors in your bedroom does not mean you have to repaint! Decorating with cool colors can mean just accentuating what you already have. Whites, blacks, grays, and other neutrals can work well in a cool color scheme. Depending upon the undertones of the color, these neutral colors can appear either warm or cool. Play up the calming, cool nature by choosing pieces that bring out the blues, greens, and purple tones of your paint.

Calming Furniture

Cool colors often appear as though they recede in a space and can make a small room appear larger. But they can just as easily make a large room appear cold and unwelcoming. If your bedroom space is on the larger side, make sure you have lots of natural light to tone down the cool colors.

Consider a large bed as the focal point of your design and use your bedding to bring in the cool colors. If you have a seating area in your bedroom, invest in a comfy chair with subtle lines and perhaps a pattern on the cooler end of the color spectrum.

It’s Great to Add Warmth

Before settling on a calming color scheme, understand that adding warmth is OK and expected with these colors. Turn to throw blankets and pillows to add warmth to your cool and calming colors. Playing to red and oranges here and there will keep your space from seeming cold and uninventing. For example, gray looks amazing with yellow! Blues can be perfect for reds and oranges to play off of.

Also consider the warmth of any woods you have in your room. Your bed and dresser can use a wood with red undertones to add warmth. And a TV stand with a fireplace will add warmth both in color and in the literal sense. Don’t force cool colors on your space, but instead, embrace them to enhance your mood.