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Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas

Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas

Somehow bedrooms become a catch-all for many of our odds and ends. Your children’s bedroom is probably home to books, clothes, sports equipment, and more. Your master bedroom may have a collection of discarded shoes on the floor, bags of clothes for donations, and yoga supplies. Your spare bedroom could also be home to your craft space and office space. Clearly, storage in the bedroom needs to be a priority. Let’s look at a few creative bedroom storage ideas.

1 - Choose Spacious Dressers and Chests
Not every bedroom is blessed with a walk-in closet. For the bedrooms in your house without a walk-in, choose dressers with lots of room and storage options. This Lakeleigh Chest of Drawers has two large drawers on the bottom for bulky sweaters or yoga blocks. The smaller drawers on top can house jewelry or neck ties. There is also a shelf behind the sliding door, and the top can be home to a TV. This piece gives more options than a standard 4 drawer chest. This Titan Dresser also offers more options than a standard dresser with a cabinet front and center.

If you do have a walk-in closet, consider putting an older dresser inside for even more storage, making your closet easy to use and decluttered.

2 - Add Shelves and Accent Drawers
Choosing pieces that are not standard fare opens up even more possibilities. For example, this Bolanburg Bookcase would look stunning in any bedroom and add storage for books, toys, fans, and more. It also offers another surface area in the bedroom for clocks or pictures. A lingerie chest can house way more than actual lingerie. These small chests don’t take up a lot of space and can hold socks, swim suits, jewelry, under garments and much more!

3 - Under the Bed
There is always wasted space under the bed. Some beds like this Duncan Full Bed, for the kid’s or guest room, and this Emily King Bed for the master bedroom come with storage options underneath. Others may just offer the space but no drawers. You can always use plastic bins and hide them underneath a bed skirt. Under-the-bed storage is great for seasonal clothes items that don’t need to be accessed every day.

4 - TV Stand
If you have a TV in your bedroom, make sure the furniture holding it pulls double duty. This Maverick TV stand could easily hold shoes or exercise equipment. Choose a stand with drawers or shelves for holding all sorts of items. Chances are the TV in your bedroom won’t be used for gaming and movie night, so the shelves are free to hold other things

5 - Storage Nightstands
Opt for a nightstand that can pull its weight. Yes, a large surface area is important, but don’t neglect the space underneath. For example, this Chateau Nightstand has a drawer for your glasses and toiletries plus a cabinet for books or slippers.

Go beyond what you typically think of as “bedroom” furniture. Be creative with your space and your bedrooms will look decluttered in no time!