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Declutter Your Life with Furniture That Stores

Declutter Your Life with Furniture That Stores
If your dining room table or kitchen island looks like the bottom of a recycling bin, it may be time to declutter your life. What about the kids’ room or living room? You might need a solution for your storage. Remember, your furniture should work for you in a variety of situations.
  • In the Kitchen

    Don’t let mail and small appliances take up space on your counters. Look to storage pieces that can put your clutter neatly out of sight. The Madison County Dining Room Server would look great tucked away along your kitchen wall. Furniture pieces like this have drawers for documents and cabinets for larger appliances. No need to keep your pressure cooker on the counter when it can be neatly tucked away.

  • In the Living Room

    Toys, blankets, books, and more can easily pile up on sofas and side tables. Look to multifunctional furniture to help you organize your living room. Not only do ottomans serve as a place to put your feet up and add extra seating, but some also act as storage, like the one by Bolton. These ottomans typically open from the top and offer ample place to store blankets, games, and toys.

    Coffee tables are also a great place to keep things out of the way. Some slide open while others offer cabinet-style doors. You may want one that actually lifts to reveal convenient storage. Side tables are also wonderful for hiding toys and books. The Ivy Chairside table offers a quaint drawer for your remote or phone chargers.

    Entertainment centers can be the ultimate stylish storage space. While many serve as the perfect place for your TV, other options offer a ton of extra space for all sorts of gadgets. The Vincente Entertainment Center has display shelves as well as barn-style doors to keep gaming consoles and DVDs out of sight.

  • In the Bedroom

    Clothes and shoes have a way of piling up in the bedroom. Kids’ bedrooms offer unique storage challenges with sports equipment and toys thrown into the mix. For an adult’s bedroom, look to dressers, chests and even TV stands to accommodate your needs. Make use of the many drawers and cabinets to keep clothes and shoes off the bed or floor.

    In kids’ rooms, try under-bed-storage -  These drawers make use of normally empty space. Bunk beds can also come with options like drawers in the staircase. Wardrobes are a nice solution for bulkier items like backpacks and sports equipment.

Make sure the pieces of furniture you choose are more than just “pretty.” Functional furniture should be stylish and useful. Keeping your house clutter-free is essential to a relaxing atmosphere.