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Designing a Traditional Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps

Designing a Traditional Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps

Feeling at ease and relaxed in your bedroom is a must for every home. Traditional style bedrooms marry comfortable and classic pieces to create a calm atmosphere. Nothing outlandish, just an elegant space meant to be an escape from the world. Traditional bedrooms are not ostentatious and rely on reproductions inspired by furniture from an earlier time.

A traditional bedroom is not a place to showcase your hot-pink fur rug or funky cat inspired bedding. There is always a way to mix styles, but if you are going for a traditional look, keep elegance in mind. Things like rich wooden furniture with classic lines and quiet details. Edges are soft, smooth, and blend together.

Step 1: Fabrics

From curtains to bedding, think florals, plain colors, muted plaids, understated stripes, and small all-over patterns. Multi-color florals are often a great starting point of a traditional color scheme. An accent chair can be an excellent place to start when choosing your fabrics. A Mila accent chair is the perfect example of how to display personality and still keep to a traditional bedroom design. The pattern is elegant without being bold.

Step 2: Woods

Bringing wooden elements into your bedroom will really capture the traditional theme. Wood is the place to go a bit more ornate with light carving details. The Stanley Bedroom set is a great example of the detail that can be achieved without distracting from the room as a whole. Wood pieces typically have a darker stain, but lighter stains can be used as long as the look remains classic. Look for curved and soft lines as opposed to straight, harsh edges.

Step 3: Seating Area

To really top off your traditional bedroom, you need to create an area for more than sleeping. If you have the room, try to create a seating or reading area. This could be as simple as a Winnsboro Chaise near a window, or an entire furniture set on a cozy rug. If your master bedroom has space, go for a loveseat and accent chair! Steer clear of bulky recliners and opt more for sleek rockers.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

There are so many ways the finishing touches on a traditional bedroom can go wrong. You’ll want to stick to your theme while still showing a bit of personality. A Hillsboro nightstand is a great way to show a bit of flair but still stay true to the traditional style. Its classic curves and beautiful details will make a statement. This Stanley dresser will also add a bit of personality to your space. The detailing is stunning without overpowering the room.

If you keep to these guidelines, the rest of your bedroom will fall into place. Your room could also feature accessories like lamp pairs, plants, mirrors, framed prints, and vases. Symmetry is important in this style, and everything should be balanced in some way. Keep it simple, clean, and slightly formal, and you’ll have a traditional bedroom perfect for relaxation.