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Cool New Ideas to Update Your Dining Room

Cool New Ideas to Update Your Dining Room

It’s time to celebrate the heart of your home, the dining room. It’s easy to think the heart of the home is the living room or kitchen, but the dining room is where mealtime actually happens. It’s where you gather to talk about school, work, and enjoy delicious food with friends. Many times this space is overlooked and is outfitted with a simple table and one or two accent pieces. But a dining room can be so much more if you embrace the special time you spend around the table.

Update Your Table

The table is clearly the most important feature of any dining room. Make sure you choose a table that suits both your space and your needs. Choose a table that fits easily within the room, meaning you’ll still have enough space to move chairs and walk around the table comfortably.

To update your current look, go for a completely different style of table. If space is limited, a smaller, round table lets you fit the largest number of diners in the smallest amount of space. Small tables are usually best for breakfast nooks and eat-in kitchens but do work well in a smaller dining room. For larger spaces, a long, rectangular table with extending leaves works for both every day and the holidays.

Consider a dining room set with a bench if you’ve always had one with chairs. Or add a pub table for extra height, especially if your dining room is a multiuse room. A pub table can serve as the perfect homework spot or center for game night.

Update Your Seating

There are so many seating options for the dining room such as Bentwood chairs, cushioned seats, barstools, benches, and more. Don’t limit yourself to just one style. Eclectic seating can give your dining room extra flair. As long as the look flows well with the rest of your home, consider multiple seating options at one table. A great example is a bench with chairs or bentwood chairs mixed in with cushioned seats. Just take the height and multiple uses of your dining room table into consideration.

Update Your Lighting

A multi-use room needs multi-use lighting. Think of all the ways you use your dining room. Ample brightness is perfect for helping out with homework, while soft lighting is much better at creating an intimate dining atmosphere. The real key is layering. Make sure to use a mix of lighting sources including floor lamps, wall fixtures, and windows.

The shape of your light fixture is also important, s choose a shape that complements your dining table.  For example, hang a rounded fixture above a round table and choose a linear fixture to hang above longer and rectangular tables.

Show Off Your Style

Make a style statement by displaying a favorite collection of dishes such as your wedding china or your grandmother’s tea set. Update your dining room by showing your guests your best collections. Choose a Curio or two that help your displays make a statement.

Don’t ignore your dining room. It can serve multiple functions within your home. Treat it as an important center. Play with styles until you find the one that is perfectly you!