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Why You Shouldn't Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

Why You Shouldn't Flip or Rotate Your Mattress
If you are thinking it is time to flip your mattress, stop! Not many mattresses these days can or should be flipped. Most modern mattresses have pillow tops or memory foam tops, and those cannot be flipped. You want to be sleeping on the comfortable side.

And if you’re thinking about rotating your mattress, don’t do it! Sleep technology has come a long way. Newer mattresses are now constructed with sleep zones designed to provide better support to different areas of your body. The filling at the top of your mattress is built differently than the bottom, to offer accurate support to your head and feet.

Still Flipping or Rotating Your Mattress?
If you’re still arduously flipping and rotating your mattress every now and then and wondering when you should do it again, you’re asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking yourself is, is it time to buy a new mattress and the answer is yes. If your current mattress is indeed old enough that it can be flip flopped, then most likely it’s time for a replacement rather than another rotation.

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