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Don’t be Afraid to Pair Family Heirlooms with Fresh Furniture

Don’t be Afraid to Pair Family Heirlooms with Fresh Furniture

When decorating a home, most people don’t truly start from scratch. There’s probably a family piece here and there that will be passed down to help complete your look. It can be a challenge to pair family heirlooms with new furniture pieces, but with a little ingenuity, older pieces will help complete your décor.

An eclectic dining room with mis-matched chairs may not be the dining set you’ve always dreamed of, but it can become the star of your home. Pair your hand-me-down with a vintage style farmhouse table for a unique look! You can even paint the chairs in various colors for a truly stunning dining experience.

Lucky enough to land a chaise lounge? Then you will be the envy of the neighborhood! Whether it’s a stand-alone chaise lounge or one that’s part of a sectional sofa, these beauties pair function and fashion. They are also timeless, versatile, and can easily go into a living room, office, or bedroom. Sometimes the fabric may need to be updated, but the style of the Chaise lasts forever. It can even be a winner in the bedroom. Place it in a corner, add a floor lamp and side table and it will make a perfect reading nook.

What to do with that old bar? Adding a bar or wine fridge to the kitchen is all the rage right now. But back in the 50’s and 60’s you were likely to find a small, mobile bar in the corner or a long Credenza bar up against a wall. Even if you have a new modern bar in your kitchen, don’t put your vintage bar by the curb! If you love entertaining and celebrating with cocktails then the credenza is for you even more so in a modern home. Make it the highlight of your living or dining room.

Make that vintage coffee table stand out! Even if your new furniture is traditional or farmhouse style, you can always do a mid-century coffee table. So, don’t put your great-uncle’s retro table to the roadside just yet. Contemporary tables are typically low-profile and relatively simple, and they complement almost any design scheme.

Focus on how your family pieces feel together. Don’t worry so much about design rules, but rather how you want your space to look and feel.