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Downsizing: Choosing the Right Furniture for Small Spaces

Downsizing: Choosing the Right Furniture for Small Spaces

Whether it’s a tiny dining room, small living room, or limited space in the bedroom, space is an important factor in design. Limited space can present unique challenges for furniture and storage. But there are a few tried and true methods to maximize your space. Here are a few tips on designing for small spaces.

Downsize Dining Room Table

Small, round tables aren't just for breakfast nooks or eat-in kitchens. Look past the giant dining table and give yourself some extra space by opting for a small, round dining table instead. Something like the Tuscan Dining Set is perfect for limited space. A table with folding leaves is also a great option.


Daybeds can also be a major space saver in the bedroom. It’s great for a young adult just striking out on her own. A daybed in a studio apartment serves as sofa and bed, saving money and space. Also, it works well in a bedroom with limited space. Adding a daybed can double floor space in an instant!

Zone Living

If you have a small living space that serves as your kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one, create zones for each use. Use rugs of different textures and shapes to define your living area and dining areas. Make sure your kitchen storage stays in the kitchen area. There is no need to have the zones bleed over into one another. 

Embrace Ottomans

Not only do ottomans serve as a place to put your feet up and add extra seating, but some also act as storage. Ottomans can be tucked out of the way when not in use and pulled up to the TV for football games. Look for ottomans that can serve as storage as well. These typically open from the top and offer ample place to store blankets, games, and toys.

Reclining Sofas

Want the best of both worlds? Enjoy laying on a sofa and putting your feet up on a recliner? A reclining sofa is the perfect compromise for a small space. The Legacy Reclining Sofa only takes up the space of a typical sofa but adds the versatility of two recliners.

A Bigger Bed

It may seem odd, but a few large pieces of furniture can actually make a space look bigger than a lot of small pieces. A great place to try this design technique is in the bedroom. A bed like the Amarillo King Bed will fill your space without adding clutter. Pair it with small side tables!

Think Taller

Utilize the space above your eyeline. Go up with tall storage options. A vertical bookcase, like the one from Grove, is tall and thin. It won’t take up much floor space but will utilize the space near the ceiling. Pieces like this also bring the eyes up, making smaller dimensions look more spacious.

It may take a bit of creativity, but you can make your small spaces feel special and cozy. Just look for furniture pieces with a minimal footprint and maximum potential!