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Factors to consider when buying a mattress

Factors to consider when buying a mattress

You’re losing sleep at night. You’re waking up with sore muscles in your back. You wake up in the middle of the bed when you started on the side in the beginning of the night. It looks like the time has come: you need a new mattress.

There are so many options nowadays when it comes to purchasing mattresses. What size? Innerspring or memory foam? Regular or reclining? Do I need temperature control? Buy online or in the store? There are several factors to consider when taking the leap to buy a new mattress. These tips will help you be prepared.

Comfort First
While it might be tempting to walk into the store and choose the cheapest option available, you should consider this is a 7-10 year investment. You don’t want to choose something that’s uncomfortable just because the price is right. Take notes of you sleep position, preferred mattress firmness, and if you prefer to be warmer or cooler when you sleep.

While the cheapest option might not always be the right one, the highest price doesn’t necessarily mean the choice for you either. There are holidays throughout the year where there are significant discounts available: Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. The size of the mattress you’re looking for will be the biggest factor in how much you’re willing to pay.

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, size matters. If you already have the frame, then picking size is easy. But if you’re looking to upgrade or downsize, how do you know which size to choose? For little kiddos, a twin or a full is a perfect fit. They’ve outgrown their crib, but they don’t have anyone else crawling into bed with them. Many couples about to move in together struggle between a queen and a king size bed. An important factor to remember is that the size difference between a full-size and queen-size bed is just 5 inches. A king-size bed is a full 16 inches larger than a queen.

Try before you buy
Comfort can only be determined by actually feeling it yourself. Go to the store. Lay on the bed like you would if you were actually going to sleep on it. Sure, it may feel a little silly, but you don’t want to make a large investment you’ll regret down the line.

A large purchase might be overwhelming, but these tips can help narrow your focus and make a great decision for a good night’s sleep.