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Farmhouse Style: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Mix

Farmhouse Style: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Mix

Farmhouse homes are popular for a reason. They are relaxing, stylish, comfy and never truly go out of style. The mix of new and old blended with personal touches can be used throughout your home creating the perfect flow from room to room.

Here are a few tips and tricks for the perfect farmhouse style.

• Mixed Wood
Look for simple, unpainted wood to decorate your farmhouse. Consider an oversized wooden coffee table, or simple wooden stools for your kitchen island. Use wooden plank shelves, or even consider wooden counter tops! Don’t be afraid to mix and match wooden finished and textures. Farmhouses tend to blend different elements.

In the living room, a wooden entertainment center is perfect for a rustic look. Avoid anything too glossy and look for aged perfection. In the dining room, consider a simple wooden table.

• Light Colors
If you want to stay true to a relaxing and claiming farmhouse theme, stay away from bright paint and furniture colors. Instead, rely on throw pillows and curtains for pops of color.

Choose light and simple chairs for sitting and a comfy couch for lounging that won’t overwhelm the room. Remember to embrace your farmhouse theme by keeping it simple. You can add pops of color here and there, but typical farmhouse style is light and airy.

• Family Heirlooms
Embracing a farmhouse theme will give you the chance to display items that may have otherwise ended up in the “donation” box. Display your grandmother’s pour over coffee maker. Show off you grandfather’s wooden gardening tools. These objects go perfectly with the theme and can be used as artful conversation pieces. Not everything has to be framed or hung on the wall. Use your aunt’s old pickling jar as a vase or your father’s whisky decanter as a bookend.

Farmhouse life is all about keeping it simple. However, simple does not have to mean sparse and plain. Don’t be afraid to mix varied textures, materials and looks.  Hints of metal and pops of color add to the comfy feel of a farmhouse-styled home. Just look to what makes you happy and comfortable, you can find them all at any Home Furniture Plus Bedding store in Nederland TX, Beaumont TX, Lake Charles LA, New Iberia LA, Lafayette LA or Baton Rouge LA.