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Flint Davis – February 2021 Home Furniture Plus Bedding Employee Spotlight

Flint Davis – February 2021 Home Furniture Plus Bedding Employee Spotlight
Flint’s journey with Home Furniture began September 21st, 1998 at our Lake Charles location as the store’s very first customer service manager. Not only did he succeed in fulfilling the position, he also established the footprint of disciplines and processes which are used to this day at our company’s chainwide customer service department located at the DC.

When Flint was promoted to Customer Relations Director in February 2003, he accepted the responsibility of establishing and training a full time staff to service and support the needs of our growing company.

Born and raised in Lake Charles, Flint now resides in Lafayette with Toni, his wife of 28 years along with their daughter, Ashley, and their peekapoo dog, Bentley.

While the past 23 years have offered both challenges and rewards, this former Marine of 8 years of service within Desert Storm/Desert Shield has used his experience to not only train those for the job, but to also train them for “life.”

As Flint says:

“God has given me a platform and opportunity to use my gifts of training, encouragement, and leadership. I don’t want to die with all my gifts. I want to share them all so that others can share them as well and make others better. That’s what pushes me! I love people and I really care for them and strive to help them to become better through relationships, character building and to become good model citizens…to be able to witness a bunch of caterpillars in cocoons flourish into beautiful butterflies.”

An avid learner, an effective and encouraging teacher, and an organized leader. Flint’s demeanor shows a quiet man of God who listens to learn with the results shown more by his actions than by merely his words.

From being hired as the Lake Charles Customer Service Manager to being promoted as the company’s Customer Relations Director, Flint Davis’ 20+ years with Home Furniture has undoubtedly helped our company expand its services and capabilities for both the betterment of our customers as well as all of us who are lucky enough to learn from him.