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Focus on the Family Room: Relaxing Furniture

Focus on the Family Room: Relaxing Furniture

Some homes are lucky enough to have a living room and family room. The family room plays a different role in the home than the living room. Where the living room tends to be more formal and geared toward entertaining and visits, the family room in general has more of a lounge feel. Some homes combine the two rooms while others are separated by a wall, archway, or zone.


The family room is a space designed for relaxation and comfort. To put focus on the family room, you must focus on comfortable and relaxing furniture. Family rooms are generally more informal than living rooms. They tend to be a bit further from the front door, even in the basement at times, or in a bonus room on a higher floor. Because of the location, family rooms can have a more casual vibe. Here are a few ideas to get started.


Incorporating an easily moveable side table or ottoman into the family room design makes the room feel flexible and more relaxed, not to mention distinctly functional. A small-scale, easily moveable piece can also double as an impromptu card or board game table.


Sectionals are one of the most efficient family room seating options because they maximize every square inch of seating potential. A sectional sofa works great in the family room to accommodate everyone, whether two people or ten.


If you have the floor space, add a recliner or two for those who want to kick back and watch TV. Large, plush chairs with pillow arms and back are perfect for lounging in the family room. Think comfort first when it comes to this section of your home.


Leather is great choice of fabric for the family room. When you think about the potential messes of popcorn, soda, and other snacks that will inevitably be consumed during family and/or party times, an easy-to-clean surface like leather is ideal. Micro fiber is also a good option to guard against spills.


The comfort and style of the family room helps to set the tone for the time that people spend there. This is perhaps the most important room in the house to incorporate a seating arrangement where all can enter and want to stay awhile.