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Freddy Chapman - Employee Spotlight November 2022

Freddy Chapman - Employee Spotlight November 2022

Freddy Chapman
Regional Customer Service Technician

Freddy’s Journey Here:

Freddy Chapman has been a huge part of Home Furniture since he joined us at the age of 17 on August 1st, 1983. He began his career at our Lake Charles location, and since then, he has fulfilled such positions as: Delivery Helper; Driver; In-Store Repairman; Inter-Company Driver; Warehouse Manager; Assistant Manager when needed; and his current position as a regional Customer Service Technician servicing mainly the areas of Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Beaumont.

Freddy’s responsibilities consist of addressing any and all issues regarding furniture repairs and assessments; however, what wins the day is Freddy’s friendly demeanor and positive connection with our customers.

What do you like best about your job?

Before the question was finished, Freddy emphatically answered with, “Taking care of customers.” Freddy went on to say, “I love dealing with our customers. If need be, during a negative situation, I’ll let them vent, and then I’ll gain some kind of common ground with them and reel ‘em back in and make ‘em happy. If you make ‘em happy, you can save the sale! When I leave their house, they’re gonna like me and like Home Furniture. We all wear the same shirt!”

Flint Davis, Customer Relations Director, adds, “Freddy is a valuable member in our service department.  He is one of the broadest thinkers I’ve ever met regarding solving problems. He never misses a moment to teach and add value to others in our company. I still recall my first day when he explained what Home Furniture expected. I appreciated the sound advice. That teachable moment still resides deep within me today. This forerunner has paved the way for many people, including myself to be successful in our company. All his counted and uncounted contributions never go unnoticed. I believe most of us all know that there is no one better with customers than Freddy. I want Freddy to know, “Greatness costs what it costs. It never goes on sale.”

Doug Smith, Advertising/Marketing Director, adds, “I have worked with Freddy for many years in different capacities within the company, ranging from warehouse and delivery to management and customer service. We’ve been through many adventures together and Freddy has consistently maintained a positive attitude with his co-workers and customers alike. He gets the job done, no matter what, and he is a great example to learn from. Freddy is a true lifelong friend and is like a brother to me.”

When Freddy is not at work:

“I love spending time with my family and doing family events, but in my spare time, my hobby is going to car shows. I love classic cars!”

Advice for anyone wishing to join our Home Furniture Team:

“Home Furniture is a great place to work for if you treat it like it’s your own. That’s something I learned early on from our founder, Ged Fleming. Also, do what you’re supposed to do and try to be the best at it.”

Born in Eunice, LA, and raised since the age of 5 in Lake Charles, LA, Freddy now resides in Lake Charles with his wife, Andrea, and their daughter, Lakyn. Freddy and Andrea also have two sons, Brandon and Antonio.