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Full Size Mattress

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The 4 most common sizes in mattresses are the Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. Least popular mattress sizes are Crib, Twin XL and California King.

The Full Size Mattress, sometimes called a Double, is one of Home Furniture’s most popular selling mattress sizes. The dimensions for a Full Size Mattress are 53 inches wide by approximately 75 inches long. Compared to a Twin Size Mattress, a Full Size Mattress offers 15 inches more in width. Many teenagers and young adults are choosing a Full Size Mattress over a Twin Size Mattress because of the extra room a Full Size provides. Parents of young children are also choosing the Full Size Mattress over Twin because of the extra space the Full Size gives, especially when sharing special moments like nighttime tuck-ins.

Main Types of Full Size Mattresses

A tried and true technology, the Innerspring Full Size Mattress will provide a cost effective, durable and quality option. Although new mattress technologies may offer beneficial features that appeal to today’s shoppers, the innerspring mattress remains one of the most popular choices in mattresses.

Memory Foam
Memory Foam Mattresses are very popular and there is a reason. The memory foam mattress isn’t just comfortable, it can be good for your health and very durable. Memory Foam Mattresses can provide back pain relief and conform to a sleeper’s body.

Hybrid Mattress
The best of both worlds (Innerspring and Memory Foam) can be experienced with a Hybrid Full Size Mattress. Sleepers who choose Hybrid get a combination of an innerspring system with memory foam (or latex) to deliver the benefits of both technologies. Hybrid mattresses allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.

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To learn which mattress is best for you, check out our Mattress 101 guide.

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