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A Few New Furniture Pieces Will Create a Functional Kitchen for the Holidays

A Few New Furniture Pieces Will Create a Functional Kitchen for the Holidays

Looking to make a splash this Thanksgiving and Christmas? Think about making your kitchen the star. Now is the time to start! There really is no place like home for the holidays, and for most of us, that time is going to be spent in the kitchen. You don’t have to undertake an entire renovation. Just adding a few touches here and there can make all of the difference.

Clear the Clutter

Simply clearing out clutter in the kitchen can make a big impact on the overall atmosphere. Here are a few helpful ideas for organizing your kitchen. Use a Lazy Susan for spices, condiments, or sticky items. Create a space to hang aprons, pot holders, and dish towels that is near where you need it. Adding a buffet hutch or console cabinet will add extra storage and help get appliances off the counter tops.

A New Kitchen Island

No, you do not have to call a construction crew. Putting in a new island is as simple as a trip to the furniture show room. Make use of a pub table with storage for a kitchen island that can be moved after the holidays. It’s the perfect place to lay out snacks, prepare meals, or even eat!

Add a Table

With all of the extra guests your kitchen will see this holiday season, it might be time to add some seating. Make your kitchen an eat-in kitchen by adding a small breakfast nook. You can seat the adults in the formal dining room and have a kids’ table in the kitchen.

Also consider keeping a few stools on hand in case you need more seating. Stand-alone stools can be added throughout the house to accommodate guests.

Think Outside the Box

Use your imagination. Think about items that may not typically “fit” in a kitchen. Add a bookcase or shelving to display colorful pots. Consider a hall tree to show off family aprons and keepsakes (these are also a great catchall for mail and paper). Unique furniture items like these will add character to your space. Look for invented ways to use mundane pieces and create interest in the kitchen.

Show Off Heirlooms

Have an old meat grinder that your grandmother used? What about your great-aunt’s tea set? Put these memories on full display in a China cabinet. Your family can share stories about the items and easily access them to use for the holidays.

Cozy Touches

Add a few touches to make your kitchen feel cozy and inviting. Fresh cut flowers, colorful vases, candles, even new lighting will enhance the mood.

You don’t have to go all out to make a statement this holiday season. Even just one of the improvements mentioned above will have a drastic impact on your kitchen. Embrace the holidays by updating and uplifting your space!