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Pieces That Act as Storage

Pieces That Act as Storage

Functional Furniture: Pieces That Act as Storage


You can fill your home with more than just pretty pieces of furniture. Your furniture can actually work for you. Keeping your living space decluttered is essential to a relaxing atmosphere. These furniture pieces can help by acting as the perfect and convenient storage places.

  • Opening ottomans

Not only do ottomans serve as a place to put your feet up and add extra seating, some also act as storage. These ottomans typically open from the top and offer ample space to store blankets, games, and toys. If you have space, get a few of them and add lots of extra seating and storage.

Yes, they do a great job of holding drinks, plates, and the remote, but many also offer extra storage. Some slide open while others offer cabinet style doors. These tables can offer a convenient place to stow all sorts of items that may pile up in the living room. You can even get a few smaller tables instead of one large one. That way you can scatter them through the room or house.

While many sport the perfect place for your TV and game console, some entertainment centers also offer a ton of extra space for all sorts of gadgets. Before long, you’ll find yourself using every inch of extra space! You may also want to get more than one entertainment center. If you have the space consider one for the game room or office.

Don’t just look to the top of your side table for a place to stack your books, look inside as well. Lots of side tables offer drawers and closable cupboards to store all sorts of knick-knacks that can pile up next to your lounger. Some sofas and chairs actually come with hidden compartments to store small items like remotes!

  • Storage Benches

If you need extra storage in your bedroom, a storage bench at the foot of the bed is a great use of space. A storage adds seating for getting dressed and relaxing and a place to store linens, shoes, or even clothes.

Who says you have to use a chest or dresser in the bedroom? You can use these storage pieces throughout your home as shelves and a place to display pictures. Add one to your living room to store toys and place a mirror on the top with a few pictures and knick-knacks to cozy up your space.

When looking for furniture, always ask about the extra storage options. It’s a great way to declutter your life and enjoy your downtime. Also, try to remember that no piece has to be used the way it was displayed. Play with furniture uses, move pieces around, and have fun!