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The Right Furniture Pieces Will Create the Perfect Reading Nook

The Right Furniture Pieces Will Create the Perfect Reading Nook

It’s nice to slow down once in a while and curl up with a good book. With cold weather (hopefully) around the corner, fall is the perfect time to cozy up with an engaging story. A reading nook is a great way to inspire reading time. Although a soft chair, plush throw pillow and ottoman can be an invitation to crack open a favorite read, creating an entire reading nook will let you take a breath and relax.

The perfect reading nook should be a corner dedicated to quiet and calm. The right furniture pieces will help make this nook possible.

The Location

Start by scouting for the perfect location. Maybe use an unused portion of your bedroom? The quiet of an empty guest bedroom also makes a great location. Do you have a picture window in your living room? Or maybe a landing on your stairs? Pick a spot that’s out of the way of the hustle and bustle of your home: an empty spot away from the TV and the sounds of chaos are ideal.

The Chair

Once you’ve chosen your oasis, it’s time to find the perfect place to rest your bones while you read. A big comfy chair is the natural choice. If you have room for a recliner, some have deep-set sitting room and a plush, supportive back pillow. It’s great for sitting and stretching out. If you prefer to rock while you read, a glider will lull you into relaxation and offers a place to put your feet up.

Your chosen reading nook may not have room for a recliner, and that’s OK. There are lots of comfortable options that take up little space. Some options have a more contemporary flair and a deep-set sitting area that will make you want to sit with a good book for hours.

Put Your Feet Up

Another must-have for the perfect reading nook is a place to relax your feet. An ottoman that compliments your chair is a great addition. Make sure you take the chair height into consideration. Some are perfect for a low-profile chair, while others would go great with a taller chair. Test the ottoman with the chair before deciding.

Side Table

You’ll need a place to hold your book when you’re not reading and a nice surface to place your cup of tea. A side table will help complete the look of your reading nook. Hopefully your reading nook will be set aside just for reading and relaxation, and if that’s the case, you may not need much storage.  

You can finish off your reading nook with a throw blanket and reading lamp. Make sure the space feels warm and inviting. Hopefully it can serve as an oasis in your busy home life.