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Get Ruby Red Hot This July

Get Ruby Red Hot This July

For those of us lucky enough to be born in July, ruby red touches in the home seem extra special. Ruby is the birthstone of July and it’s the perfect color to make a statement in your house. Red is timeless and blends with a variety of styles and colors. Ruby red can complement farmhouse, French country, rustic, and modern tastes.

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate ruby red into your home.

Go Bold with an Accent ChairAn accent chair that highlights ruby is a stunning addition to any living room or office. Your eye is instantly drawn to the color and style of the chair. It makes a statement all its own.

Red Bedding
How about plush red bedding for your bedroom? Red bedding can turn a plain jane bedroom into a stunning place to relax. You can turn down the red with more subdued gray accessories or turn the ruby up to 10 with bright marigold pillows!

Ruby Ottoman
How about a statement piece that also lets you relax? An ottoman that drips in ruby red can be the center of any room. (not ready to make that big of a splash with red…keep reading).

Throws and Pillows
Not fully committed to ruby? Try it out with red throw blankets and pillows. They are a great way to add color to a more traditional living space. Red goes great with yellow, cool blues, and worn leather browns. How about a ruby red throw on a nice gray ottoman?

Daring in the Dining Room
Want to make a statement in the dining room? Look for red dining chairs! Pair that with a dark wood dining room table and your guests will be “red with envy.”

Area Rugs
If you want to be really bold, an area rug that draws in ruby red is a perfect fit. Rugs can come in a variety of patterns and don’t necessarily have to be one solid block of color. A rug that offers hints of ruby red can play well with any style home. You can also add the rug to the living room, dining room, bedroom or even kitchen.

Vases and Frames
A ruby red place to showcase fresh cut flowers will certainly turn heads. You can also add some bright red frames and make an art wall with some of your family pictures. Scatter red through out your space with little touches here and there.

Ruby red is a stunning way to show a bit of personality in your space. It goes with almost every color on the spectrum and rarely clashes with décor. Whether you incorporate a little or a lot, red will pop out of the background.