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Home Furniture: The Story of Our Culture

Home Furniture: The Story of Our Culture

“We put the customer and our employees first, that’s how it’s always been.” – Larry Dominque, Beaumont Home Furniture location.


Larry Domingue has been with Home Furniture for 23 years, so he knows what he’s talking about. He describes a culture that centers around service, and family, and a true commitment to each other and to the customer. Everything thing else springs from there.


“I did an employee walk-through not that long ago, and one of the people couldn’t believe our CEO was down here in the warehouse just talking and checking things out. They were blown away,” says Larry.


Most people are blown away when they see for themselves the company culture at Home Furniture. People describe it as “the greatest company to work for” and that there really is “an open-door policy,” from the people at the top on down.


One sales associate in the New Iberia location says he is constantly impressed with how the mangers back up promises made to the customers. The emphasis is always on how they can improve the furniture buying and owning experience for the people spending their hard-earned cash in one of their stores.


“We really want to build our employees so they can take care of the customer,” explains Larry.


He went on to say they focus on their people, even if it means they may spread their wings one day and fly off to another job at another company. While they’re here they’re number one.


“We have people that come back and thank us for the atmosphere and how we gave them a start. College kids that started in the warehouse want to come back after a few years and shake your hand.”


That type of attitude is unique to find in a company as large as Home Furniture. Home Furniture has six stores throughout South Louisiana and two in Texas. What could become cumbersome for a company their size is second nature to Home Furniture.


They Treat everyone well from the warehouse worker to the sales associate to the customer emulating a true sense of duty to each other and everyone who walks through the door. The rewards run deep when everyone is family.