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Starting from Scratch: How to Decorate Every Room of a New Home

Starting from Scratch: How to Decorate Every Room of a New Home

Decorating a home can seem like an overwhelming task. Your new place is a blank canvas just waiting for inspiration. It’s hard to envision the final picture, but the journey and creativity are part of the fun. Here are a few tips for getting started on every room of your new house.


This room is arguably the most central space of your home providing a place for everyone to gather together. Your kitchen should be accessible, have room to move about, and be a perfect space for making wonderful meals. Whatever theme you choose for your kitchen, be sure to stick with it. If you go for farmhouse style, make sure the appliances work with that theme. Do the same with traditional or contemporary styles.

If your new kitchen does not have all of the features you wanted, it’s OK. An island can be fashioned out of a pub table or a breakfast nook out of a small dining set. Some sets are small, fold open or closed for more or less space, and are easy to maintain.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are meant to be a separate place from your kitchen, and therefore can have a different scheme or theme for your decor without it being too jarring of a change. You can go casual or formal or somewhere in between! 

Your dining space shouldn’t be too cluttered, but accent pieces are usually necessary to complete the look. This some cabinets make a beautiful buffet and are perfect for showing off special pieces. Be careful not to overwhelm the space, and remember you’ll be carrying dishes in and out from the kitchen, so make sure you have lots of room to maneuver.

Master Bedroom

Choose a style for your master bedroom that lives in harmony with the rest of your home. A quick word on colors: choose a cooler color palette for the bedroom. For example, if you are playing to the warmer red tones in your living room, go for blues or grays in your bedroom. The cooler colors will let your body know it’s time to calm down once you enter the space of your bedroom.

For a minimal design scheme, go with a bed that makes a statement all on its own.  However, for a master bedroom with a more personal flair consider a bedroom set. Coordinating furniture can really complete a room.

The Kids’ Room

The kids’ rooms need to be their own oasis, so make sure you involve them with planning their space. A full bed is great for a tween or teen and some have added drawers help fight clutter. Also consider bunkbeds for a shared space. Don’t forget to set aside room for hitting the books! A desk with a large surface area to accommodate projects and homework is always a good bet.

Bonus Room

If you are lucky enough to have a bonus room, congrats! You can turn it into a game room for the kids or maybe a home theater for the entire family. Either way, consider a sectional sofa for comfy seating. The arrangement naturally sparks conversation and is perfect for games or movies!

Hopefully these tips will get you started. Don’t get overwhelmed and enjoy the process of making your new house a home!