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How to Design a Glamorous Master Bedroom

How to Design a Glamorous Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom needs to be a reflection of who you are: a place where you can truly relax and be yourself. Some people prefer to play it safe and opt for more traditional themes, but others like a bit of glitz and glam. Your master bedroom can play to your more glamorous side. It can be more “you” than any other room in your home!


The great thing about a master bedroom is that it doesn’t have to be in step with the rest of your design scheme. You can outfit this room just for you. However, even with a ritzier bedroom, choose a cooler color palette than the rest of your home. For example, if you are playing to the warmer red tones in your living room, go for blues or grays in your bedroom. The cooler colors will let your body know it’s time to calm down once you enter the space of your bedroom.

The Bed

The size of your bed very much depends on your needs. A king or queen size bed is typically the norm. For a luxury look, choose bedding that is high quality and has lots of flair. Ornate patterns, interesting textures, and lots of throw pillows will add style to any bed.

For a master bedroom seeking to attract some attention, consider a bedroom set. Look for something with a tall headboard that makes a statement. Fabric options are always eye-catching. Plus, a bedroom set will effortlessly coordinate your look for an impressive presentation. Your glamourous bedroom must look “pulled together.” It shouldn’t be a hodge-podge of family heirlooms or repurposed pieces.

Look for pieces with a bit more ornamentation for your glamorous bedroom. Carvings, intricate hardware, and interesting patterns will finalize your look. 


Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in quite a bit of storage for your master bedroom. Older homes typically have small closets, while newer homes offer walk-in closets in the master bedroom. If storage is a priority, there are beautiful options to consider.  The Emily Bedroom specializes in storage with drawers all around the bed frame and ample storage in the dresser and chest. The Abbey Bedroom set is more suited for a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Its dresser and chest offer great storage options, but the bed is made to be eye catching and luxurious.

Sitting Area

Master bedrooms should feature an area to relax that is separate from the bed. Create a small seating area using plush and noticeable pieces of furniture. Two accent chairs, a small table, and a rug are perfect for limited space. For a more glamourous look, choose high back or wing back chairs. Accent the furniture with plush or furry pillows. Also, adding an area rug will help separate the space. The rug should be plush and oversized to add a more luxurious feel.

Create a space that fits your needs and reflects your style. A glamourous bedroom is all about the extra touches. Go bold!