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How to Style Your Living Room with Accent Chairs

How to Style Your Living Room with Accent Chairs
Your living room could quite possibly be the centerpiece of your home. This is where the bonding happens. Watch the big game or your favorite movie with your loved ones or cozy up and take a nap with your furry friends. Everything cozy and relaxed happens in your living room, so why not make it look and feel great?

There are so many ways to decorate your living room with furniture. Home Furniture Plus Bedding has tons of options for you to choose from like coffee tables, recliners, couches, etc. But, nothing makes a living room like an accent chair does! Check out Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas Louisiana’s vast inventory of accent chairs, and follow these tips to style your living room.

Types of Accent Chairs
There are so many types of accent chairs, that finding the perfect one for you and your space may seem overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of the types of accent chairs available to you:
Slipper chair- A smaller, armless chair with a lower seat scaled for smaller spaces, the slipper chair is often used in bedrooms or in small spaces or areas where less visual weight is needed.
Wingback chair- High-backed, armchair flanked by “wings” that envelope the occupant that are great for blocking out cold drafts. Looks best next to a large sofa
Club chair- a roomy, fabric or leather chair with deep seating that is notoriously known for great napping.
Barrel Chair- Its name comes from its shape, the nail barrel. It has a fully curved back and a low profile that makes a chic, comfortable design statement. This chair would look great in any living room setting, depending on the fabric type you choose.
Swivel Chair- Swivel-base chairs fill a space where you need flexibility, in an office, for different conversation arrangements, or in a nursery.

Compliment Your Selection
Once you have selected which type of accent chair you want to add to your living room, it is time to style it! Incorporate some life and color into the room by adding plants or flowers. Add some comfort to the space by adding throw pillows and blankets. This is like adding a necklace to an outfit!

Choose anything from our living room furniture selection at Home Furniture Plus Bedding of East Texas and Louisiana to pair with your new accent chair and it is sure to make the room come to life instantly.

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