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Ideas for Decorating Your She-Shed

Ideas for Decorating Your She-Shed

As a nice little getaway for mom, a she-shed is the perfect backyard hideaway. It can be used for anything from gardening to curling up with a good book. After your she-shed is cleaned, you might be asking, “What comes next?” How do you turn a shed into the oasis of a she-shed? Here are a few tips to get started.

Define the purpose of your shed.

Before you start outfitting your she-shed with the comfy essentials, make sure you know how you will use it. The point of a she shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that's important to you. Maybe you’re into painting, gardening, or crafting. If you're not an avid crafter or gardener, your she-shed can simply be used as a quaint place to hang out. Once you define its purpose, you can get to work.

Keep the colors cool yet inviting.

Calming colors tend to fall on the cool end of the color spectrum. Cool colors are versions of greens, purples, and blues. They can be combined and blended for the perfect color palette. There are many advantages to decorating with these tones. These colors have been known to slow breathing rates, relax muscles, lower blood pressure and body temperature, and make you feel more relaxed overall. It’s the perfect palette for your she-shed! Remember to add pops of warm colors to keep the atmosphere inviting with rugs or pillows, but keep your paint colors and overall scheme on the cool side.

Look for unique finds.

Decorating a she-shed isn't about spending lots of money. It's about creating a space that feels relaxed and cozy. Start small and build from there. Maybe use an old recliner from the main house and couple that with a new loveseat. Or, buy a new desk for an inspired space, but use an antique rocker to add some charm. Mixing new pieces with well-loved furniture will create a space that is uniquely you!

Bring the outdoors inside.

Placing your shed in a secluded spot and surrounding it with grassy plants, vines, and window boxes full of flowers helps create a tranquil vibe, all the better for establishing a calm place to get some thinking done. Bring the garden inside as well by decorating with plants, freshly picked flower arrangements, and plush pillows featuring feminine floral patterns.

Use the space for entertaining.

Is there a better spot for girls' night than a she-shed?  Add a TV and TV stand with a fireplace to watch games and movies. Think about adding a mini fridge and stocking the shed with party essentials. Make every seat a great seat with comfy throw pillows and plenty of blankets.

This she-shed is for you! Add the touches that inspire and relax your mind. Have fun with decorating and remember, it does not have to be a reflection of your home’s over all design. This she-shed can be something completely unique and different.