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Jacob Thomas - Employee Spotlight March 2023

Jacob Thomas - Employee Spotlight March 2023

Jacob Thomas
Warehouse Associate - Lafayette, LA - Surrey Street Store

Jacob has been a warehouse associate at our Home Furniture Plus Bedding Surrey Street location since April 2021. Before joining our team, Jacob worked in the Human Resources department for Waitr in Lafayette, LA. 

What do you like best about your job? 

When asked what he likes most about his job Jacob stated, “I like the consistency. There’s always something to do. I also like the atmosphere here and I really like the people I work with and our customers.”

Riggins Dore, Surrey Street Store Manager, says:

“Jacob is always the first one here every day and has a tremendous work ethic. He and his brother, Dwayne, have both set the standard at our store for what we look for in our warehouse personnel. Jacob strives for excellence in everything he does.”

Willie Leblanc, Assistant Store Manager, adds:

“Jacob is an all-around smart guy. He has a great work ethic with a great attitude and understanding of what the job consists of. He is very capable of any task we hand him. I always arrive to work early and so does Jacob. It makes me proud to see him here and never gloomy. Whenever Jacob is at work I never have to worry about if something wasn’t done correctly. He and his brother, Dwayne,  who works here as well, were well-raised and are both well-mannered. They have never in any form been disrespectful. They love what they do and they do it well.”

When Jacob is not at work: 

When Jacob is not at work he says, “I love to bowl. I’ve been in a bowling league before and I’m looking forward to joining one again soon. It’s a fairly inexpensive hobby to join but if you get serious about it, it can add up. I also enjoy small engine mechanics and I’m hoping to get into motorcycles soon as well. And I love music…as long as it’s not blues or country!”

The ONE thing most co-workers may not know is:

“That I was on the wrestling team in middle school, and I also played on the baseball and basketball teams,” says Jacob.

 Advice for anyone wishing to join our Home Furniture Team:

When asked what advice he would give to anyone wishing to join the Home Furniture team Jacob said, “To show drive and determination. There is flexibility here and really good people to work with. If you want it bad enough, the work is there.”

Born and raised in Lafayette, LA Jacob resides in Carencro, LA with his family.