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Johnnie L. Turner - Employee Spotlight April 2021

Johnnie L. Turner - Employee Spotlight April 2021
Mr. Johnnie L. Turner has been with Home Furniture Plus Bedding’s Airline location in Baton Rouge for over ten years assembling, stocking, loading, unloading, and securing customer load outs along with maintaining a very clean, neat, and organized warehouse.

Harry Wiggins, store manager, says:
“Mr. Johnnie is a very well respected member of the team by all employees. He can be counted on to help provide guidance to the less experienced team members and is always trying to stay busy. He has a very strong work ethic and sets a great example for others to follow.”

These work ethics flourish to this day, as one can easily see in Johnnie's work and in his attitude.

Johnny says:
"I make sure to thank everyone for shopping at Home Furniture. It's a friendly place, like family. Everyone is concerned, and we care for each other."

Before joining our team, Johnnie already had 40 years of employment at a recycling plant, but it was when he worked in agriculture as a youth for just $5 a day that he learned the value of strong work ethics.

Additionally, Johnnie and his wife, Lola, both have master's degrees from Christian Bible College in Baton Rouge, along with Johnnie having also earned his doctorate at Saint John Bible Institute of Baton Rouge. They are both pastors with a combined 43 years of ministry at two area churches. It's not uncommon to hear customers addressing Johnnie as "Hey Rev!" daily.

Johnnie adds,
"Not only has the ministry prepared me for my future, but I'm able to help others with their future. It ain't about me. It's all about the Man upstairs."

Born and raised in East Feliciana Parish, Johnnie resides in Baton Rouge with his wife of 38 years, Lola.

Thank you, Johnnie, for leading by example in both your actions and your attitude!