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Keeping the Clutter Out of Your Kids’ Room

Keeping the Clutter Out of Your Kids’ Room
Just walking into your child’s bedroom can be overwhelming. Toys, clothes, crafts, and school supplies seem to be everywhere! If your child’s room looks like it could be declared a disaster area, keep reading. There are expert tips and tricks to keep the clutter out of your kid’s room.

Furniture that Stores
There is wasted storage space all over your child’s room. Start taking advantage! Try under-bed-storage or a bunkbed with built in drawers that double as stairsWardrobes are a nice solution to bulkier items such as backpacks and sports equipment.

Involve Your Kids
You are not in this alone; it is their room, after all. Kids as young as 3-years-old really want to participate, and they're really excited to be involved. If kids are involved in organizing, they'll feel ownership over the project and are more inclined to keep things tidy, or at the very least, they'll know where everything should go.

Let it Go
The clutter of the kid’s room can actually be overwhelming for your child. However, most kids don't know that it's OK to say no to stuff they don't want. Set up a system where you regularly donate unwanted or unused items to charity.

Cubbies and Bins
Cubbies and bins are great organizing tools for kids because they recreate what they're experiencing at school. You can place them in the entryway of their room, creating a 'drop zone' area they'll naturally maintain. With a cubby they can drop their stuff and not even have to think about it.

Make it a Habit
Make cleaning up the kids’ room a regular part of the routine. Before lunch, have the kids tidy up. Before bed and bath time, have them clean up again. This way it’s built into the day and nothing gets too overwhelming.

Kids mirror what their parents are doing. Sometimes you need to look at yourself and really see if your kids are modeling your behavior. Even something as small as putting away your keys can be a mini-lesson in action. Keep the rest of the house clutter-free, and they will want their rooms the same way.